‘Ender’s Game’ Not Like The Book, This Weekend’s Box Office Opening Is Not Worth Spending Hard-Earned Money, Highlight Hollywood News

A movie that makes one have to think, while still delivering nonstop action of sorts, would be this week’s hit, “Enders Game.”  However, for those who loved the books, and expected a great plot, and great adaptation, you’ll be sadly unhappy with this film.  This movie of a 1985  outer-space military allegory is not a winner, and it’s a lot more dull than anyone could imagine.  What a pity, because I had high hopes for the film, and it’ll get a big box office weekend, out of curiosity, but unfortunately it won’t sustain returning audiences, such as “Gravity” does. 
In the future, 50 years after Earth  repelled an attack by the bug-like Formics, Ender’s gifts make him The One  sought by the International Fleet and gruff commander Graff (Harrison Ford). The IF wants Ender to lead a new offensive against  the Formics using troops of children. Raised on war games, the youths are adept  at strategy and technology, but very little else. 
Ender endures endless training sessions where he faces down bullies and bonds  with a tough girl (Hailee Steinfeld). He misses his pacifist sister (Abigail  Breslin) on Earth, but rises in the ranks. The IF, though, has manipulated Ender  to be the pawn in a final showdown the kid doesn’t see coming.
Boring  boot camp scenes go on and on , and  contain an excitement about zero-gravity that would be quaint in a ’70s  live-action Disney movie. As if this all wasn’t just Wii-time that somehow offers no real story or genuine conflict, but scenes filled with overacting and even some underacting in all the wrong points.
The adolescent actors are not good in this, and the director Gavin Hood didn’t do very well in editing and prepping either.  Surprisingly, or maybe not so, Harrison Ford goes back to his one-note reactions, and not even the heart and soul of Viola Davis can save this film. 
 The film depends on too many special effects and no strong performances, thus a real waste.   \The trailer is exciting, but that’s about all that’s exciting about this flick, “Ender’s Game” opens Friday around the nation.   Highlight Hollywood gives the film Two out of a possible Five Stars.   Summit really hasn’t had a hit since the “Twilight” series ended. 
Here’s the official trailer: 
ENDER’S GAME – Final Trailer – Official – 2013

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: Summit Entertainment
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