Thu. Jun 4th, 2020

Fleischerheim German Shepherds, The Top Breeder And Importer In The U.S. For Over Four Decades, Highlight Hollywood News

You know you are the best, when your competition is desperately trying to pick you off, all the while not spending the amount of time you do, to make yourself the best.  Bill Fleischer came into my life at a very frightening time, and since that moment, he has done all that he could to place a security in my mind, with one of his beautiful German Shepherds, and he never stops caring.   I adopted one of Bill’s beautiful German Shepherd girls, and named her Garbo. Unfortunately a pitbull attack separated me from my beloved, and trust canine.
Fleischerheim Kennels is the only German Shepherd breeder, importer and seller in the U.S. that I would ever go to.   Bill has clients worldwide, but here in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles County, as well as Dallas, Texas and Sacramento, Calif., I know many people who have entrusted his services, and never felt disappointed.  Sure, there are always naysayers, but an investigation around the web, can almost always lead our IT experts to a competitor, not to anyone like ourselves, who are individuals who Bill, Evy and Bill’s staff will spend as much time as we need until we feel comfortable about a beautiful top-of-the-line German Shepherd puppy, or even an older puppy or adult trained dog.
Fleischerheim is all about quality, not quantity, and Bill can command the top prices, because of his expertise, and his reputation.  Contact people who have dealt with this man, and you’ll find happy customers and clients, that go back to the 1960s.   Famous athletes and A-list stars in Hollywood and around the country purchase their forever pets and companions from Bill.

His protectors are not only the most gorgeous dogs in the U.S., but also the most solidly bred and trained.   Check it out for yourself, I highly recommend Bill Fleischer, as the ONLY German Shepherd breeder and seller in the U.S. I’d ever trust. 
You can find your protector, soul mate and lifelong companion at Bill’s website:
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  Fleischerheim German Shepherds
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