Jill Farren Phelps’s Reign Of Terror Continues, As Highlight Hollywood Reported In May, Another Beloved Character Killed, Delia Abbott To Die?

Jill Farren Phelps feels invincible, she feels that she can do anything she wants, and apologize for it two decades later, then lie that she regrets it, only to be proved as the coldest and most hard-hearted, and most untalented showrunner, again!  She did it to Maureen Bauer on “Guiding Light,” Frankie Frame on “Another World,” though she sometimes doesn’t take credit for her handy work there, she did it over and over at “General Hospital,” to the point that ABC finally booted her out of her crow’s nest at ABC Studios in Hollywood, and then she connived until she wiggled her plus-sized figure into the spot at “The Young and the Restless,” then used her malicious friends in the media to slander the show’s previous head, to detract from what she was doing, and what she had planned.

This woman hasn’t heard the definition of insanity, which is; to do the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result.  She’s about to place little Dee Dee Abbott on the slab at the Genoa City morgue.  Yes, Billy Miller is absolutely sensational, and would have been perfect, had the show not been produced and edited so poorly.  Jill Firing Phelps axed every one of Bill Bell’s handpicked people that she possibly could fire, and even down to the lack of dramatic music on Friday’s episode, you can see that “Y&R” is a hollow shell of itself today, gone from its glory days of being the most posh-produced daytime drama in TV history.  There was a time when nothing kept viewers from watching “Y&R,” but that’s all changed now, gone with the wind, but not fabulous!
Jill Firing Phelps always kills a beloved character, then has a cheerleader in the media who says, “They treat you so badly because you are a woman!” Well, that’s a lie. I am very deferential toward women. In fact, I have been quoted many times in my political POVs as saying, that the world, and the nation itself would be better run by women, instead of powerful, greedy, racist and vile men, whose only reason to even be in power, is the good ‘old boy network.  However, Jill Farren Phelps hates women, and that is proved over and over in her detrimental producing, at every soap she’s ever appeared. I suppose the only positive thing about her ruining “Y&R” and running the show into the ground, with her violent and dark streak of killing beloved characters, is that after she’s destroyed Bill Bell’s “The Young and the Restless,” her career will be finished.  At least one can pray that’s the case.
The killing of Delia Abbott is atrocious.  The fact that fans of the once venerable and respected drama had to grieve the loss of Katherine Chancellor, and previously, the loss of our beloved iconic matriarch of daytime TV, Jeanne Cooper, this is just beyond the pale.  There is not much lower this woman can go, but don’t count her out yet.  As we reported last summer, Jill is planning to kill more beloved characters, and our sources told us that it was to be Delia, but we did not want to put it  in print, because Phelps oftentimes floats trial balloons in the press to see if fans will revolt or not.  We wanted unfortunately the viewers of this soap to find out what this woman is made of.  Pure antifreeze runs through her veins. 
Fans who dare to complain about her on Twitter or Facebook are belittled by snobs in the media for making noise.  I cannot tell you enough, that this is the time to make noise, to yell as loud as you can, and then to immediately turn this soap off, because her allies at CBS and Sony frankly don’t give a damn about “Y&R,” and only care about her, and if you watch this train wreck of a soap, you can be assured, they will never get her out of her latest nest, which she has perched in the attic at CBS TV City in Hollywood. 
There isn’t a more important time to sign this petition, to rid this soap of Jill Farren Phelps, before she destroys it more.  As we know, she  pays no attention to “Y&R” fans, something William J Bell, Sr. was known to do.  I was told the last time I went up against this witch, by one of her friends, that Bill Bell wouldn’t pay attention to fans outcry.  I knew Bill Bell before most people in this town did, and I can assure you, he did listen, and he would want you to raise heck right now, and let your voices be heard, and then turn this show off.

This blatant and failed attempt to get viewers’ attention is pathetic.  Adam and Nikki both racing down the road in an autumn night.  So, Jill wants you to wonder, or even care, whether it was Adam or Nikki who hit Delia by mistake.  We know it’ll turn out to be Nikki, because Jill hates women, and that Adam’s baby boy will end up with her corneas.  We’ve all seen this play out, every place Firing Phelps lands.  But, this time, the viewers are furious, and our readers are vowing to turn it off.
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 “Y&R” viewer and Highlight Hollywood reader Barbara Semel wrote on our Facebook page on Friday, October 11, “After, 35 years I am finished with The Young & Restless. The writing is the worst. Sad very sad…….”  Adding,  “After the car accident, enough is enough.  How many children do they have to kill off? Jack talks to his dead father, Sharon her daughter.  Now Billy! I won’t tune in on Monday to see what happens, until I hear they have fired the writers and Jill Farren Phelps.”
Rita posted on Highlight Hollywood’s comment section, “If you higher ups don’t get rid of her soon like yesterday, you lose big time,  she is making the Y&R OUT TO BE A STUPID show with no real storyline, it now  makes sense as to why the show is losing our favorites, and now we might lose  Billy another award winning actor along with Phyllis, makes you wonder, do you  deserve to lose a hit show all because you wont fire Jill, I think you are all  scared to fire her well you just keep her and see what happens, the fans are  telling you but no one is listening”
Reader Joy Rachal is equally as livid, and equally as sick of Jill Farren Phelps as most viewers are. “I am so upset and outraged at Y&R writers and producers recent storyline  where they “kill off” sweet, adorable little Delia Abbott so horribly and  tragically. Then will most likely have nerve enough to use her as the cornea  donor for that “monster” Adam’s baby so he can see while “sweet little” Delia is  dead. The man who will have caused her death which is so senseless, cruel and  sooo unfair, to do that to an innocent sweet little girl, will be the same man  whose son gets to reap the benefits of this sweet, innocent, precious little  girl, losing her life. How cruel, unfair and down right disgusting that is. Why  did you have to do this to little Delia and now that you have why can’t you come  up with a way to save her life and have her make a full recovery and let a  stranger become the cornea donor in time. Really your willing to sacrifice and  write off a character who people have come to really love and adore for a little  baby who fans haven’t even really gotten to know, “how Sick and Sad” that is. I  can no longer watch Y&R because of this and I certainly will Never watch the  horrible upcoming episode where “little sweet precious” Delia actually passes  and then the doctors have nerve enough to approach poor Billy and Chloe asking  their permission to take “sweet” Delia’s corneas from her so that “vicious  monster” Adam’s son can see. The demon monster who is responsible for the whole  thing, how sick, sick, sick, and shameful that will be. I have been a Y&R  fan for many years and watch the show faithfully following the characters for  years but after this with “sweet little precious” Delia being written off and in  such an inhumane horrible manner on a roadside, really. I will Never, Never  watch Y&R Ever Again!!!!”
Danielle Johnson reports, “Fans are furious at this.  Why kill this little girl? And the writing and the production was ghastly.  I can’t believe how bad this show has gotten under Jill Firing Phelps, but it can’t go on much longer.  Many of my friends and many, many people on the message boards say, they are done with the show this time. She’s done nothing but run ‘Y&R’ into the ground. If she isn’t going, if CBS and Sony cares about Jill Farren Phelps more than they do a soap that has made the network famous, then I don’t even feel like watching for the late Bill Bell, Sr. anymore either. I think he’d understand.”
Why couldn’t they just do a recast instead of killing the baby off,” Nicole McDaniel asked. Plus, Monica Simpson said what many are saying today, “We should not be subjected to such sadness. Old age death, cheating, murder, fine! But not the death of a child!” And, also “I am so done with this show,” added Pretty Porter.
And just so psychopath producer Phelps doesn’t think viewers are angry with the actor, Billy Miller, this comment from Elyse Lewis says it best. ” We cannot blame Billy it is that stupid JFP who did this.”
Fan outrage was swift on Friday afternoon, and many spoke with Highlight Hollywood and on message boards.  “I am so angry for this whole Delia storyline. We have seen some pretty  bad storylines lately but this one takes the cake,” said Jenice Zahraj.  “In my opinion, for years, I have watched Y&R and have never been so  dismayed and upset in the writers, killing of poor Delia’s character  just after Kay’s passing was so uncalled for,” said Darren Gaffney.  Savannah Pavo Real said a mouthful, “Y&R  writers you suck! Hate what’s happening, have a sick feeling at the pit  of my stomach, and it isn’t good. killing a kid? Really? I’m not watching  this anymore. Turnign off!”  turned it off.    “JillFarrenPhelps = Child Killer #JFP = Needs to be FIRED ASAP,” said Mallery Robinson. 
These are fans who are fed up with this woman’s reign of terror, and it’s only going to get worse, viewers.   When we reported Josh Griffith’s firing, one of Jill’s allies in the media claimed we were not solid in that reporting.  A week later, his resignation was official.  People can continue to slander and malign Highlight Hollywood all they wish, in support of Jill.  But we have millions of readers, who know and trust us, and we will not allow Jill to do what she’s doing to “Y&R” without fighting back against her unprofessional and sloppy work.  Feelings for Jill aside. Can anyone say that today was a “Y&R” Friday production? This was the most poorly produced major storyline in the show’s illustrious history.  Jill Firing Phelps should sign her own pink slip, since CBS and Sony are too arrogant to admit they made a terrible decision last year.  One, that only viewers are paying for. 
Sign this petition and get this woman into “Y&R’s” history, before she makes this soap history!   http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/a-petition-to-remove-jill-farren-phelps-as/
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett,  With reporting By: Danielle Johnson
Photographs are Courtesy: CBS and JPI Studios
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