Sat. Jul 11th, 2020

U.S. Budget Deficit Takes A Shocking Turn, But You Won’t Hear It On Limbaugh, Levin Or Fox Noise, Propaganda Is The Subject There, Highlight Hollywood News

One won’t hear this news on Fixed News, the propaganda machine for the dying GOP, that desperately needs to stop it’s propaganda and bigotry, before it find itself even lower rated than it already is. Back in Virginia, a boring liberal is about to defeat a lunatic nutcase right winger, because somehow the GOP has in its mind, thanks to bigotry, that it just must defy all common sense and truth, and use Fox Noise for propaganda, and be racist against the President and even the First Lady is constantly in right-wing crosshairs. Just last night on Facebook idiots blame Michelle Obama for lack of Child healthcare, and belittle her efforts to make kids healthier, while the right wing lunatics don’t even realize they are voting for the very people, who hate government experiments and government research and spending. The First Lady has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with American  policy, or American spending, that’s Congress. But, hey, blame the niggers in the White House, it is just fun to do. Even though the half-Kenyan, half-white man saved the world’s economy after Bush/Cheney ran it into the ground!  Even though Clinton left Bush with a budget surplus of over 600 billion dollars.   But, alas, British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, the smartest man in the world in the mid 20TH Century said it best. “America will always do the right thing, after exhausting every other option!”



For the first time in five years, the U.S. government has run a budget deficit below $1 trillion.The government says the deficit for the 2013 budget year totaled $680.3 billion, down from $1.09 trillion in 2012. That’s the smallest imbalance since 2008, when the government ran a $458.6 billion deficit.




The deficit is the gap between the government’s tax revenue and its spending. It narrowed for the budget year that ended on Sept. 30 because revenue rose while spending fell.



Revenue jumped 13.3 percent to $2.77 trillion, reflecting a slightly better economy and higher tax rates. And government spending declined 2.4 percent to $3.45 trillion, in part  because of across-the-board spending cuts that took effect in March.

The budget deficit still needs a lot of cutting, and shrinking of the federal system. However, the shutdown cost nearly $30 billion that will never return, it was a folly for Ted Cruz, a Canadian born Cuban, who the birthers don’t care about.  They hate the half-black president Barack Obama to the point that they will are self destructing and don’t even care!  How they’d all toss their heads around like Linda Blair in “The Exorcist” if they ever knew Jesus’s real ethnicity.  Hint, he came from Palestine.
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  AP
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