U.S. Government Shutdown Ends, Problem Remains, Dems Too Crooked To Run America, Republicans Too Stupid, Highlight Hollywood News

The President and Democrats in Washington win once again.  It’s election night all-over-again, Dejavu all over again?  The real problem with Washington, is the schizophrenic-nature of the electorate.  Seeing so many made up quotes on Facebook coming from Ronald Reagan and Thomas Jefferson, you realize that the public is stupid and believes every lie or propaganda they see on Facebook or Twitter, or the Internet that reinforces their ignorant views and lack of knowledge.  Republicans have not learned that bigotry is officially “not politically correct” anymore in America, and that their hatred of this President is worthless, it only energizes minorities and the Democrats to rally behind him, and they far out number the over 50-bigot crowd.  Democrats are giddy whenever they win a battle, but, they only win because Republicans pull victory from the jaws of defeat, time and time again.
The public is illiterate, stupid, and it needs to stop listening to right wing talk radio jocks and Fox news, all of whom live in liberal cities, communities and neighborhoods. They would not want to live with you bigots, if you paid them.  They only make money off of you, from Uncle Tom  Sowell (Bay Area), Bill O’Reilly, Greta Van Sustern and Sean Hannity (Manhattan) and (Westchester County, NY), Michael Reagan (Los Angeles), Fox News owner, Rupert Murdoch (Bel Air), the wealthiest neighborhood on the planet.  

Ted Cruz is a lunatic, Sarah Palin an idiot, and only fools follow idiots.  The Democrats would have been lambasted by the roll-out of the Affordable Care Act, a website that cost tax payers four times what it was suppose to cost, but the GOP and it’s bigoted Tea Billies are such monsters, like the KKK, that they could not let anything roll out that would embarrass the President of the United States. They had to be bullies, they shut the US Government down, cost American idiots, I mean taxpayers $20 billion, and you know what? They lost the argument, because as we want kids prosecuted every day for bullying, these over 50-bigots can’t help but be bullies themselves.
They have no knowledge of history, economics, sociology or our geopolitical importance in the world.  America’s self-made hurricane valued interruption, which was totally man-made by the Tea Party in Congress, raised our deficit, didn’t lower it.  But they had to show that little nigger in The White House, that they were smarter than him, and yet, again, they are proved to be inferior in intelligence, again.
The public cheered it on, began propaganda, blaming the President, which is what the Tea Billies do, time and time again.  While Democrats confidently laugh and small, and don’t even realize, they lose by default. The American people don’t want them in power either.  And the time will come when both parties will cease to be relevant.
Americans had better stop playing these political games, and how shameful is it, that the rest of the world’s economies are all tied to ours, and they can’t rebound because their economies are not as resilient as ours.  Republicans are far too stupid to ever get the importance of America’s power. They run for President, like idiot Mitt Romney, and talk about America’s exceptionalism, but somehow forget that it means governing, not just shooting missiles off at lesser nations.  The country is a mess, it’s a man made mess, bigotry was and remains the biggest obstacle to governing. 

Ted Cruz won, he got the right wingers cheering him on, even though he lost, and THEY LOST.  Democrat Charlie Rangle, one of the most crooked politicians in America also won, he had  a fundraiser and wow, he raked it in. All the while the GOP played follies and look internationally like jokesters and “chuckleheads!”   Neither side should come out of this mess with a smile on their faces, nor yours!
We have a $17 trillion debt, and no serious people at the table or in the country voting for serious people, to fix this colossal problem.   And Tea Partiers and right-wingers are more concerned with beating Obama, which isn’t possible, than getting the American people back to work.  And Democrats enjoy beating up idiot Republicans too much to even care!
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: AP
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