Thu. Jan 23rd, 2020

Arizona’s Supposed-Child Protective Services Now Investigate The 6,110 Child Abuse Claims It Ignored While Gov. Brewer Says, DC Should Run Like Arizona, Highlight Hollywood News

Governor Jan Brewer makes a spectacle of herself almost daily on Fox News espousing how efficient her government is run.  But, just like all right-wing politicians, she has no interest in protecting our nation’s children.  She cares more about being a figure head or pony in the GOP merry-go-round of claiming Arizona is the gold standard for what other states should be run like, and the federal government as well.
All the while she’s pointing her fingers and pandering to a national audience that frankly knows she’s filled with bunk, over 6,000 claims of child abuse in her state were not only not investigated, but ignored.  Now, she claims it’s going to be fixed. When it should have never been broken.  If adults and government cannot protect children, to quote the late former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, “If you fail to protect and do a good job raising our children, nothing else you do really matters.
Child welfare workers in Arizona said they will review all of the 6,110 “not  investigated” claims of child abuse by Jan. 31. The staggering number of uninvestigated cases was revealed during a recent  review of the state Department of Economic Security, which oversees the  Arizona’s Child Protective Services. 

DES Director Clarence Carter said he does not expect the massive backlog of  reviews to affect the agency’s ongoing investigations into child abuse. The  Arizona Republic reported Tuesday officials questioned how that was possible  given the staggering number of tips the agency has received but not reviewed in  2013.


Carter said the work would include all 257 CPS employees and Gov. Jan Brewer pledged overtime pay for case workers, though supervisors aren’t eligible for  the extra pay. Officials said the department is already understaffed, leading to  the backlog in the first place. Yes, it’s amazing how these anti government people fail to care or realize that cuts sound good on political posters, but in reality, it can be detrimental to those who need help most. Children are at the top of that list.  The poor, which Americans hate, and blame for their own plight are another factor, that deserve our concern.



Carter told lawmakers on an oversight panel in the state legislature, the  tips would be evaluated on a triage basis and 2,919 have been examined thus far.  Of them, 1,789 have been sent to case workers for review and 23 have been  referred to police due to potential criminal conduct.

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  AP
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