Author Extraordinaire Katharine Giles ‘The Archer Adventures’ Exclusive Interview With Highlight Hollywood

Highlight Hollywood spoke with author Katharine Giles, about her extraordinary work, her life, her future, and we even got the beautiful wordsmith to tell us about her passion from childhood about writing.  “The Archer Adventures is the latest series of books which are garnering great excitement, as the budding-star finds her own niche in the crowded literary world.  Here are the questions I asked Ms. Giles, and she agreed nothing was off-limits. This is the series for young people, one that inspires, entertains and even enhances their level of comprehension. 


Q~ Mrs. Giles, where did the title The Archer Adventures come from, and are  these personal adventures of your own?

The title The Archer Adventures evolved after I wrote  the first nine books. These are not my adventures. They do, however, incorporate  many of my interests through the years; i.e. I love to swim, sail, go treasure  hunting, and explore new places. I have a curious mind and am interested in  everything from geology to archeology and everything in between so I’ve picked  up tidbits of knowledge in many fields. .
Q~ Sinbad and Sailor were your favorite childhood stories. Did you often  find yourself fantasizing stories in your head to tell later on in print?
Mostly I wanted to go adventuring with him. It never  occurred to me that I could create my own stories.
Q~ When did you know  you wanted to write this book series, and how long did it take you?
The first book was inspired by a poem I’d written years  earlier. That book inspired the second one – and so on.  They are a  continuing story and the first three are a trilogy. The books intertwine – for  instance Archer finds a blue pearl in Book One and visits its source in Book  Eight which makes the editing process a challenge.  Sometimes characters  appear in more than one book when their story merges with a different  story.
Nine of the ten books were written and copyrighted  between 1990 and 1991. I wrote No. 10 a year ago and have worked on them through  the years as time permitted. Because nine books ‘hit the paper’ almost  simultaneously, the editing process has taken longer than their creation because  I had to set them aside until I retired.  I’m still working on the  last  four  books.
Q~ So far you have three books in the series, how many more do you have  planned?
There are currently ten books in the series and I have  notes for 2 more.
Q~  Do you find extra time for relaxation, and if so, and not writing,  what do you do?
I retired from truck driving in 2003 and when I’m not  working on the books, I enjoy trying new recipes (I’ve written a cookbook which  is currently out of print), paint and walk my dog. I do the artwork for the  Archer series and have designed the covers. Each cover is a different color with  spines designed to look like a box of crayons when they’re together on a shelf.  I uploaded the completed cover for Book III to my website yesterday which  happens to be the brightest of the series so far.
Q~ I hear that you draw  and paint as well, your granddaughter is so talented as a gifted  photographer.  Is this something others in your family have, the creative  genius as well?
There wasn’t anything my mother couldn’t do when it came  to needlework, crafts and cooking. Both of my parents were musically inclined as  well  — my father sang and my mother played the piano. My daughter takes  beautiful pictures of landscapes and inspires many of my paintings. My son is a  mechanic, a gifted carpenter and once built a horse trailer from scratch. My  brother has invented many useful products through the years and my sister  creates seed bead jewelry, cans and preserves everything from their garden and  does amazing needlework. I’m a small part of a very creative family.
Written By: Tommy  Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are  Courtesy:  Katharine Giles
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