Sat. Mar 28th, 2020

Director Gui Pereira’s ‘Pizza Me, Mafia’ Debuted A Week Ago At The Famed Paramount Theater, Highlight Hollywood News

Director Gui Pereira’s Pizza Me, Mafia, starring famed Brazilian comedian Tom Cavalcante, premiered at Paramount Studios last Saturday November 9th.  The premiere was a major accomplishment for Gui Pereira, considering he is only twenty-two years old.  But, it’s far from his last.  “Saturday’s premiere was literally a dream. It’s was an honor to have a work of mine playing at the legendary Paramount Theater, and hearing the public react to the film was something that I will never forget,” the director said. 


Even more extraordinary, Pizza Me, Mafia isn’t even his first film.  He has an earlier film: The Adventures of Sheriff Kid McLain, out on the festival circuit now, and has already won two awards for that film!



More about Pereira

Gui Pereira was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. At a very young age, he developed a passion for cinema. Gui’s mother frequently described how at only six months old, he watched an entire movie without crying, yelling or blinking. That movie was Rocky 4, and from then Gui grew up to be a great Sylvester Stallone admirer. When he was only four, Gui got his own camera and began making films. He started by teaching himself the “stop-motion” technique, then used that technique to make his first short films, turning his action figures into the first “actors” he directed! During his teen years, Gui improved his techniques, as well as his knowledge of film history. At fourteen, he directed music videos for his friends, and short films about the history of his neighborhood. At sixteen, Gui enrolled in a summer camp at the New York Film Academy, where he made two short films. At seventeen, Gui moved to the US permanently, to study film seriously. 



At only seventeen, Gui impressed his teachers with his advanced knowledge of cinema. In 2009, he was a finalist in a contest of film school students, created by the Jay Leno Show. When he was 18, Gui was the only student in his class to have short films screening in film festivals all over the world.  While in college, Gui managed to get a job as a writer for the TV show Take Unico for the Brazilian “All-TV” network. Gui graduated from the Los Angeles Film School in April 2010 and from the Art Institute of California in December 2012. Now, at the age twenty-two, Gui already has a promising career. He directed a music video for Brazilian country music artists Chitãozinho & Xororó. His music video has been featured on many TV-shows in Brazil.




This year, Gui made a music video for the pop teen band Across Coves. He is currently releasing two short films: Pizza Me, Mafia, a comedy featuring Brazilian a-list comedian Tom Cavalcante, premiering at Paramount Studios, and The Adventures of Sheriff Kid McLain, a Western short film shot at the iconic Melody Ranch Studios — once owned by singing cowboy Gene Autry, and the location of Academy Award Winning Django Unchained, and countless other westerns. The Adventures of Sheriff Kid McLain is currently on the festival circuit, and recently won the Best Action Short Film award from the 2013 International Student Film Festival Hollywood. Guy Pereira also recently won the Best International Filmmaker award from the Boston International Kids Film Festival.



Written By: Tommy  Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are  Courtesy:  Jim Gombos
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