‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Reed Robertson Admits To Being Suicidal And Battling Depression In The Past, Highlight Hollywood News

The “Duck Dynasty” clan has been really spilling secrets lately. Phil Robertson and Miss Kay recently spoke about former alcohol issues and infidelity.  And now Reed Robertson has come forward, speaking about his struggles with suicidal thoughts a couple of years ago.



“I told my youth minister that … I pretty much told him that I wanted to kill myself,” Reed talked about the dark time in his life in a new film made by religious group IAmSecond, via ABC News.



Fortunately, his parents Jase and Missy Robertson were there to help him through the hard times.



“My mom was devastated of course,” Reed explained, “My dad told me, he said, ‘That is the most selfish thing that you can do … Leave this world because you can’t take it.’ And I really believe that that’s true.”



Wise words from his family made the TLC reality star realize the value of his life and how much he was loved.



“I just thought about, like, ‘I’m about to leave all these people that I could have a really huge impact with,’ I was finally free of doubts, of having an attitude of being cynical, and I remember being so relieved.”

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett 
Photographs are Courtesy:   AP
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