How Jill Farren Phelps Plans To Replace Billy Miller, Assuring Sony And CBS, ‘Fans Won’t Care After A Few Weeks Of Him Being Gone’, Highlight Hollywood News

She’s at it again. The woman who told TV Guide a year ago that she was only going to use a scalpel to clean up “The Young and the Restless” and that there was nothing wrong with the show, is now plotting to cut Billy Miller out of the cast. Billy Miller was the greatest recast in TV history, surely “Y&R’s” previous regime deserves some credit for that.  “Jill Farren Phelps is planning to dismantle this show, and fans are so oblivious to it. She’s laughing about it, saying, that she’s bullet-proof, that her supporters at Sony don’t give a darn about the show, so they are not going to fire her if fans revolt, because she has assured Sony that she can weather the storm, that fans won’t turn the show of, and she will get her way eventually,” a set side source tells Highlight Hollywood.
A Sony source however does counter in some ways what the CBS source tells us. “Yes, Jill does believe she’s immune to being fired, but she’s not.  The key demos are down drastically and ‘GH’s’ are up. She isn’t worried about it, she’s never worried about polls or ratings. Jill is a pit bull, that’s why she’s where she’s at, and she believes the fans are beneath her and not as smart or connected as she is. That could be her undoing, since her buddy here won’t be able to protect her always, and the numbers are really going against her.”
An actor who wanted to remain anonymous, fearing reprisal from “the dragon lady!” tells us, “Jill never cared about the core families, doesn’t give a darn about the vets, just look at how hurried she went over Jeanne’s [Cooper] death, and how she dared to kill Deliah, saying it was a test, and fans really failed miserably. They yelled and screamed for a while, but that was it.  Jill has a long history of making fans unhappy, frankly, if they haven’t realized by now that she couldn’t give a damn what they think, then maybe you should just give up, because she’s not one bit worried.”
Last week SOD reported that negotiations for a new deal with two-time Emmy winner Billy Miller, who plays the rascally Billy Abbott, have not been going well — and stalled over a month ago. Daytime Confidential also reported that “Y&R” is preparing for the worst by looking for a replacement, and that the recent casting call for Josh (Paul’s relative) is really about finding potential candidates for the next Billy. Sources say that the show is testing actors opposite Amelia Heinle (Victoria) today. Miller’s current deal will reportedly expire next month.
The CBS source says, “Jill gave up on Billy when he didn’t take the offer. She has a lot of friends out there unemployed in the business and as far as she’s concerned if fans didn’t tune out when Delia’s death occurred, then there is no real fear that they will tune it out when Billy’s gone. And he will be gone. Talks have shutdown, and she’s busy looking for a recast.  You can be sure that it’ll be someone from her past, ‘Hollywood Heights’ or ‘General Hospital.’  She knows the fans yell loudly and then give up and watch, so what worries does she really have?”
Hopefully the Sony source that disagrees slightly about Jill’s solid backing by the network and studio is the one who is more right in this matter.  However, as a “Y&R” costar points out. “Billy [Miller] isn’t feeling the love. You know with Billy it’s never been about the money, it’s been about the work, and his ability to do other projects. So, if he continues to feel the cold shoulder coming from her office, what choice does he have?”   Adding, that they overheard Jill saying, “The fans won’t care after a few weeks of him being gone!”
Time will tell.
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: CBS
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