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‘Refresh, Revitalize, Renew’ With Renowned Physician Dr. Jeffrey Patrick Olson, Thom Bierdz Highly Recommends, Highlight Hollywood News

Recently I asked actor, artist, bestselling author and human rights activist Thom Bierdz, what he was doing that seems to show he defies the aging process.  He told me about Dr. Olson, so Highlight Hollywood caught up with the talented and handsome doctor this week.  He was very open to questions and Dr. Olson is also a familiar face in the entertainment world as well.


Originally from Chicago, DR. JEFFREY PATRICK OLSON practiced as an anesthesiologist for over a decade and was trained by Dr. Mike Roizen (Dr. Oz’ co-531539_264093783699301_751287687_n-1author) at University of Chicago – a top 10 U.S. residency program.  But, seeking more daily control in the medical field while pursuing artistic endeavors on the west coast, it required a vastly different lifestyle.  Now, based in Los Angeles, Dr. Olson has been building a balanced, fulfilling life and career with a successful cosmetic practice as well as the ability to tell stories in theatre, film, TV and new media as an actor and spokesperson. Dr. Olson also subscribes to the desire and commitment to have one’s outside physical being reflect one’s inner youth, exuberance and health. Maintenance and moderation are key.



​ One friend and fellow artist/activist, Thom Bierdz, is all too aware of these rewards. Bierdz and Olson formed a fast friendship on set of “Old Dogs & New Tricks”(a hit TV show distributed by Wolfe Video) where their characters were love interests.T  hey actually met back in 2006 at “Night of 100 Champions” – a gala fundraiser for Chicago Gay Games Federation, where Olympic champion and would-be web series costar Greg Louganis was also keynote speaker.  “Thom was painting a portrait “live” for auction and I later went on to win 1st place in Physique – novice/natural division in the Games.  That may have been my most exciting moment on stage” says Olson  Being a huge Y&R fan as a young man, it was exciting for Dr. Jeff to meet Thom in person and all the more amazing to befriend him while working so closely several years later.


(Pictured: Dr. JPO accepting Gold medal in Physique- Gay Games 2006 and Thom Bierdz at Night of 100 Champions)


Bierdz has been generous enough in helping spread the word about a recent treatment offered by Dr. Olson; a fractional resurfacing/collagen induction(micro-needling) device, the Dermapen for which Dr. Olson is a certified provider.  It is FDA approved for reducing the appearance of acne scarring, wrinkle reduction, skin tightening, and surgical scar revision.  It’s even used in hair growth stimulation, in conjunction with PRP (platelet rich plasma), pigment homogenization, fine rosacea treatment and is fast replacing or used in conjunction with laser and other light therapies because of its safety profile, limited downtime, much reduced cost and utilization for ANY skin types and ANY body area.  Studies show an increase in dermal depth of up to 40% due to collagen and elastin deposition which we start to lose in our twenties.


Bierdz has completed about half of the recommended 5-6 treatments spaced a month apart for optimal results and is already thrilled with what he noticed, including decreased pore size and wrinkles around the eyes.  “Because of it’s small size and ability to manipulate penetration depth, the Dermapen can be used by practitioners up to the lash line and even on curved areas such as the nose where other treatment devices have limited use” says Olson.




(Thom and Jeff in West Hollywood – 2013)



The aesthetic medicine field is rapidly advancing and includes exciting new technologies which along with focused preventive medicine, a healthy diet, exercise and spirituality (or recognition of greater good and humanity) are slowly making biologic age a footnote!


In California especially, protection from sun exposure becomes paramount. For those of us over our mid-thirties, SPF wasn’t really stressed growing up, so some sort of skin resurfacing should DEFINITELY be a part of any cosmetic regimen, not just foraesthetics, but as preventive medicine.   Light therapies and micro-needling can actually attract growth factors and an immunologic response via “controlled injuries” to potentially precancerous lesions, warding off problems down the road.   Talk about a plus for trying to look good!



​Because of his roles especially on camera, on stage, and the operating room theatre… Olson has become “the actor’s cosmetic physician”. Dr. Olson is staunch in his belief in education, keeping current and most importantly safety. His anesthesia training in expert airway maintenance has actually come in handy…thankfully rarely. Emergency preparedness is key especially in elective procedures.  I’m calling a beauty emergency!


When asked, when he got the feeling in his youth that he wanted to be a doctor, to help people, Jeff said, “I don’t recall any particular “a-ha” moment. I started leaning toward my strong-suits, math and science, probably in middle school. I think I liked the perceived certainty in problem solving. However, I also started exploring the arts/music then, playing clarinet and piano since the age of 10.Volunteering at my local hospital during high school probably solidified my decision to pursue medicine.”  Adding, “While volunteering, I shadowed physicians including heroic anesthesiologists, sterilized instruments from the operating room, transported patients, ran samples to the lab.  Generally, doing everything that I’d later experience in training.  I couldn’t imagine pursuing anything else at the time. I certainly realized what a special position doctors have care-taking for those who are at their most vulnerable.


So, if readers are game, I asked Dr. Olson if it’s ever too late to reverse the aging process? “It’s better late than never!  There is a valid argument to at least consulting an expert, and thinking about neuromodulators (such as Botox) and even fillers in our late 20s for wrinkle prevention and replacement of lost facial volume.  This is also the time to start good health and skincare regimens including nutrition, exercise, sunscreen and smoking cessation (including the funny stuff).”

​Look for Dr. Jeffrey P. Olson and Thom Bierdz sightings at Charlotte James Facial Care – and LA institution for over 30 years.  (310) 478-5100.   Also, check out Dr. Olson’s website for more information and offered services.   Plus, he’s on Twitter:  @DrJeffreyPOlson.

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: Dr. Jeffrey P. Olson
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