Mon. Feb 24th, 2020

‘Sons Of Anarchy’ ‘John 8:32’ The Holy Grail For Charlie Hunnam’s Emmy-Reel, A Powerful Game Changing Episode, Highlight Hollywood News

“Sons of Anarchy” episode — “John 8:32” — refers to that passage about how “the truth will set you free.”  And although we knew it was going to be a revealing episode for Jax, after Kurt Sutter and FX teased that for a week, who knew what portion of the secrets in the gang’s town would see the light of day? Apparently, we’re about to find out if that applies to Jax Teller, who has learned the ugly truth about Tara’s little miscarriage hoax.  Jax is hurt, and devastated, and that was played out so brilliantly by handsome actor Charlie Hunnam, who is quick on his feet in the acting game, this guy changed from one emotion to the next, so very effortlessly.



Although, we always knew that Tara’s plot would unravel. Who knew it’d be a week away? And it was written so brilliantly.  Now that the story is out, how will it unravel? Chances are you won’t want to miss it to find out.  As it turns out that the key people Tara relied on all pretty quickly changed sides, especially Jax’s ex.  Wendy, as you know, already had a case of loose lips last week and, as Tuesday’s episode starts, Wayne is anxious to spill something to Jax. Later, we see that Margaret can’t lie worth a lick when confronted by Gemma. And finally, Tara’s lawyer, Ally, can’t stand up to the heat when she comes face-to-face with Jax during a night-time get-together in Wayne’s trailer.  And I was even slightly intimidated, gosh only knows how Ally was able to get through the scene.



Clearly, Tara, your accomplices were far from strong and silent.  Though everyone knew it was bound to happen with Jax on his path to the truth that makes for intriguing viewing. Also tonight, Nero feels the need to set things right. So he plays ambassador and goes to Jax, hoping to convince him that there might be something to Gemma’s suspicions over Tara’s accusations of assault. Though,  Jax wants none of it. “I’m about done with her,” he says, referring to his mother. And he basically tells Nero to butt the hell out of it — that if they’re going to stay in business, he better not bring family matters into any more discussions.



Nero, of course, does not back down. Guess he’s not only braver than me, but quite stupid, huh?  In fact, he goes to see Tara in hopes of repairing the rift. “Gemma’s not going to lie down for this,” he warns her. This only manages to rile Tara, who has a warning of her own: Gemma’s an evil woman who killed John Teller and probably would have killed Clay.


“I suggest you get out before she kills you,” she quipped, before storming off.



Naturally, Jax catches wind of Nero’s intervention attempts and it sets him off. He confronts him and the two throw down. It’s a vicious fight that we figured would happen sooner or later and Nero gives as good as he gets. It might have ended in serious injury, or even death, had Gemma not arrived on the scene and gotten the SAMCRO guys to break it up.

When the proverbial dust settles, Gemma tells Jax what he so does not want to hear: Tara faked her pregnancy and is filing for divorce. “She’s going to take your boys from you — from all of us.”



This shocking news is later confirmed when Jax confronts Ally in Wayne’s trailer. As the episode ends, we still don’t know what he intends to do about Tara, but she’s apparently ready for the worst because we see her rocking little Thomas to sleep with a pistol nestled in her lap.


Tonight Charlie Hunnam’s tour-de-force performance eclipsed every episode this season, and the young actor is on his way to Emmy-gold. There has to be an Emmy at the end of the IRA rainbow for Hunnam.


“Sons of Anarchy” airs Tuesday nights only on FX, at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: FX
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