Why Young Again Pet Foods Are Not Equal To Life’s Abundance, Premium Prices Without Customer Concerns Speaks Volumes, Highlight Hollywood News

Young Again Pet Foods came highly recommended, and our readers are always interested in the latest premium foods that may benefit their dogs and their cats.  Young Again has a glossy approach, that initially seems perfect.  Their food is very high-quality, their customers love them, but the true test of a premium pet food company, is in how they treat potential new customers.  Highlight Hollywood always contact companies to get samples, so we can compare them with what is already out there, and what could possibly be the new-up-and-coming company in order to care for our beloved pets, that most of us consider to be family.
Young Again, however, when it comes to new customer contact, is all hype!  Life’s Abundance, Wellness Core and Blue Wilderness companies immediately got in touch with us, and kept us apprised of the process, and they had exceptionally polite customer service.  Young Again, was evasive once they found out who we were, and that we were willing to do a test with one of my own beloved pet.  With the aforementioned companies, the process was smooth, they were deliberately open, very professional, and non-evasive.
With Young Again, I could tell many of their online testimonials were family members, friends and you can tell when a company is all hype, and when one is in the industry to make a difference. I contacted “Jen,” as she calls herself to her customers on Facebook on November 9.  She told me to send her an email, which I did within an hour of receiving it.  By November 13, I had heard absolutely nothing from her. So, I sent another email, and heard nothing. I sent her a message on Facebook, I heard, “I didn’t get it, can you resend it?” I immediately did.  She then said, she received it, “Just got it! Thanks Ill respond there. [Smiley Face].  That was on November 13. On November 22, I emailed her and sent another FB message, which again, she did not answer.  NOT ONE word.  On November 25, I sent her an email, stating that I had changed my mind, and was no longer interested in trying Young Again products.  Immediately I received the following message:
[I am very sorry that you feel that way.  We actually  had talked about it in a meeting this morning and was prepared to ship  to you parents home dog food and treats.  As we are a small company this is something that we discuss and decide on.  It may only be 1 bag of  food but we get a lot of requests.  I had personally worked to get this  approved and feel that you would be very happy with the results. Our  customer service is something that is very important to us and our  clients find it to be top notch.  I invite you to see these and other  comments about our foods and ask that you reconsider.  If not, I wish  you the best.  Thank you.]
As I pointed out to this woman, who has no idea what customer relations or public relations really is about.  Our readers are not averse to buying and paying for premium foods, but they are, to being ignored and then receiving passive aggressive responses, teetering on unprofessionalism, stating that the company is small, and frankly, it takes time.
I can assure you, that Life’s Abundance NEVER once behaved this way.  They were above board and knew that we would be writing about them, and giving our assessment of their product.  To compare it to Young Again is impossible, since Young Again blew us off, and were then trying to turn the tables, and feigning being a victim of being a small company.  I have no clue whether Life’s is small or big. Frankly, that’s up to their CPA’s to decide.  What Highlight Hollywood sought to do, was to compare the two top premium dog food makers; one, with a lot of fluff and “somewhat fake” reviews, and another with the customer service that backs up what they claims.
Life’s Abundance had a turnaround of 4 days, from the time I contacted them.  The above passive aggressive message on Facebook from Jen at Young Again took from November 9, to November 25.  With my being insistent on contacting her no less than 5 times, with only two responses back, and none of them ever apprising us of how long they’d take to get back to us, or if she was or was not interested in our critiquing their brand.
When pet food companies are evasive to potential millions of eyeballs on their reviews, worldwide, by readers who asked us to do so.  I’d suggest NEVER to go to this company, because if they avoided us like the plague, what are they really selling, that they are concerned about journalists knowing?  It may just be shoddy customer service, that’s a real possibility. But, in today’s economic situation, with so many people looking to care for their pets, who they feel are family. I’d say 4-days of turnaround with Life’s Abundance, with follow up, and obvious quality kibble and can foods. I’d advise our readers to stick with the proven premium brand; Life’s Abundance.
We declined to continue on the Young Again merry-go-round. Jen seemed miffed, but she really should have only been miffed by mishandling a potential customer, who has a vast readership of people who love their pets more than they do themselves.
Young Again’s grade? An F for customer service, and an Incomplete for quality brand, since they were not interested, then very interested in sending out a supply to be tested.  Life’s Abundance? An A+ for customer service, and an A++ for known and tested quality.
Ultimately you have to decide what you want and what you will entrust your pets to.  But, Life’s Abundance was quick to say, test us, trust us, and we’ll get back to you immediately.
Highlight Hollywood took NO payment or any services or anything for our review of these products.  One product (Life’s Abundance) we can swear by, quality kibble and honest upfront customer service, and the other? Young Again, a runaround.
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  FILE