Thu. Jul 9th, 2020

A New Year’s Story From Hollywood’s Most Beloved Icon Doris Day, Highlight Hollywood News

Dear Supporter,  I don’t know about you, but I always take stock on the last day of the year. I like to look back, sift through the holiday letters I’ve received, and think of all the things that have meant so much to me. I got to spend time with many of my dear friends and enjoy my beautiful home and gardens. Of course, I lost my precious Duffy — but then I also found my newest rescue baby, Daisy.


Life is sweet. And on that note, I wanted to share one of the sweetest stories of the year, from our grantee, Peppertree Animal Rescue, in Albany, New York:

This past summer, Peppertree rescued Oakley, a Lab mix, from a Georgia shelter. Their evaluators in Georgia told them what a nice boy he was, and that he deserved saving even though his age was somewhere in the 10-12 year range. Older dogs have lower odds of being adopted from a shelter, but since Peppertree has always welcomed seniors, they jumped at the chance to take him.

A few things were quickly apparent once Oakley arrived at Peppertree. First, he was a friendly, wonderful dog, who was good with humans and animals alike. Second, his spirit, pep and energy were not that of a 12-year-old dog. He was frisky as a pup, and the Peppertree staff were all amazed how he played and ran with the other dogs. Third, he had one very bad case of kennel cough.

So it was an immediate trip to the vet for Oakley. His case was so bad, he needed to be hospitalized in isolation on two occasions before he was cured and ready for his foster home. Luckily funds from DDAF were available to take care of Oakley’s vet bills. Oakley went to first-time foster Deb W. and her family. Deb had adopted her 4-legger, Scooter, from Peppertree a few years back, and now wanted to help out by fostering. Peppertree likes to give first-time fosters a real “easy” dog to start, and Oakley fit the bill. As you can imagine, with this practice, Peppertree loses foster homes pretty regularly because of the happy result called “foster failure.” That’s when the foster family decides to keep the animal, and that was exactly the case with Oakley! Soon after arriving with Deb, it was unanimous that the big lug wasn’t going anywhere.

Here’s how Deb put it:

“What it all comes down to is that he’s an absolute love bug who melts our hearts! He’s just the best of all worlds: a puppy who’s house trained and gets along with anyone, two- or four-legged! He sure doesn’t act 12 at all! He’s playful and lovable and so very deserving of having a home to call his own. I’m so glad we’ve been able to do that. We just LOVE having him as part of the family, and he seems pretty happy too!”

You can see the amazing result of DDAF’s grant-giving work right in this photo! That’s Deb underneath all 73-pounds of Oakley, happy and healthy and in his forever home! DDAF supplied Peppertree with the funds to send Oakley to the vet, which meant a cure for his kennel cough, which lead to a foster family and yes, to one of the most delightful case of foster failure we saw in 2013.

Please help us ensure more foster failures in the coming year, won’t you? Don’t put it off one more minute: Please donate today to DDAF.

All my love and best wishes for a happy, healthy New Year!