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“Academy Award Winner Cliff Robertson lived an astounding life, and I believe his story should be told,” his former publicist Steve Thompson tells Highlight Hollywood.    “I’m back to work on producing an Honorary Documentary on him.  This is my second attempt to make the project happen.  Earlier this year I thought crowdfunding could finance both the development and production of the film, but that didn’t work out.” 
“This time I’m not rushing into crowd-funding.  Rather, to get the project moving, I am asking for private donations.  Soon I will also be developing corporate sponsorships to help fund development, but the actual production will likely be funded with grants, by traditional film investors, and some private donations and corporate sponsors,” Thompson added. 
“Cliff Robertson was a genuine gentleman.  He took the time to answer my questions, and he made himself available to many others who interviewed him for many different purposes,” Thompson said in an interview with Highlight Hollywood  on Wednesday, Dec. 18. 
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Academy Award Winner Cliff Robertson was a talented actor, a skilled and accomplished aviator, and an astoundingly kind man.  He helped countless people.  He gave two time Academy Award Winner William Goldman (Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Marathon Man, All the President’s Men) his start in the film business. He stood up to studio chief David Begelman, sacrificing his career, rather than his integrity.
He deserves a tribute to his life and accomplishments, and that’s what SteveThompson / Thompson Communications intends to produce.  Steve worked with Cliff for many years, and saw first hand the effect Cliff had on those around him. 
Just two interesting facts about Cliff:
He was flying his private Beechcraft Baron directly over New York City on the morning of September 11, 2001. He was directly over the World Trade Center, climbing through 7,500 feet, when the first Boeing 767 struck. He was ordered by air traffic control to land immediately at the nearest airport following a nationwide order to ground all civilian and commercial aircraft following the attacks.
* His flight was diverted to Allentown, PA, where he stayed until the FAA again allowed  flights. A life member of The Actors Studio, Cliff won the 1968 Academy Award for Best Actorfor his portrayal of a mentally disabled man in Charly, an adaptation of the science  fiction novel Flowers for Algernon.
* Flowers for Algernon continues to be studied by elementary school English students, so there is yet another generation of young people who know him as Charly. Steve Thompson describes the current project: “This is the second time I’m working on producing this project.  The first time I believed that crowd funding could finance the entire development and production, which did not turn out to be the case.  Rather than rush in to crowd funding this time, I am beginning by asking for direct donations.  The first premium I’m offering is the opportunity for a donor of $50 to honor the person of their choice.  My thinking is that it feels good to embark on the journey of producing the documentary honoring Cliff, so donors can experience the same great feeling by honoring the person of their choice, and help fund our project in the process.
I will also be offering corporate sponsorships soon. I was fortunate to find the video of Cliff that displays on the project’s promotional page, because it is Cliff himself speaking, not him portraying a character.  You can see for yourself the man’s genuine values and concern for moral integrity in his work. Initial response to the project has been great, now we need to direct our efforts to obtaining funding from the worldwide ‘Cliff Robertson Community.’” Director / Producer Brian Gillogly (Accidental Icon: The Real Gidget Story, in which Cliff appeared) has agreed to direct the film, and Steve’s attorney has agreed to provide counsel throughout the project. Development activities include: Determination of the Legal Entity for the project.
Creating a basic initial script outline.  Decisions regarding which films to include, who to contact from each film, who to contact in aviation, and who to contact regarding Cliff’s humanitarian work.  And of course the development of a more detailed, accurate production budget and schedule. As our project progresses, we have some initial considerations regarding who we would like to appear in our film:
John Travolta — Received Living Legends of Aviation’s “Cliff Robertson Ambassador of Aviation” award from Cliff Harrison Ford former Young Eagles Chairman, Cliff Robertson founding Chairman Michael Caine told Cliff of his Academy Award win in Philippines while filming Too Late the Hero William Goldman — Cliff gave him his start in the film business.  Sam Raimi — Spider-Man director  James Franco — Spider-Man co-star Rosemary Harris — Spider-Man co-star  Tobey Maguire — Spider-Man co-star.
We are open to suggestions, and are specifically looking for people who shared aviation experiences with Cliff.
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
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