Highlight Hollywood Chooses FIVE BEST TV Actresses 2013: Clarke, Sagal, West, Lang, Cohan

Highlight Hollywood editors spent the week before the Christmas break to choose five of TV’s Best Actresses, and it was a tough year.  There were so many wonderful performances, and so many people we had to cross off our lists, not because they weren’t worthy, but it is about a competition, and the ones with the most votes from editors were chosen.  Even our interns voted this year, so the entire staff had plenty to say.  The five best TV actresses of 2013 are: Emilia Clarke, Game of Thrones; Katey Sagal, Sons of Anarchy; Maura West, General Hospital and Lauren Cohan, The Walking Dead.” Each one of these beauties uniquely makes their role vital to their shows.  This isn’t to say their costars are not also superb, many if not most of them are.  But it was our list that took four days to final get consensus and eventually they each just had such an emotional and entertaining body of work, that they won out in the end.


gameofthrones-mhysa2Emilia Clarke managed an Emmy nomination this year, and for good reason.  As Khaleesi the Mother of Dragons on HBO’s popular cult classic series “Game of Thrones,” she dominated the canvas, the scenes in which Clarke appeared, she took over the storyline.  As the exiled princess of King’s Landing, a home she never had the honor of knowing, she has battled slavers and sorcerers and has been backstabbed and lied to.  But this was her year. As her teenaged dragons began to grow into their power, so did Danearys.  One knows that with greater sized dragons in season four, the beautiful star will dominate the show again, and let’s just hope that she gets half the storyline and scenes that she received last year.  This lady didn’t win the Emmy, but it’s not for a lack of talent. 
Katey Sagal smoldered all season on FX’s hit drama “Sons of Anarchy.” What a powerful actress Katey has become post “Married with Children” days.  From gang-mother to mistress, lover and ultimately in Kurt Sutter’s hit season finale, murderer.  Sagal as Gemma is absolutely astonishing.  She is captivating and manages to get our attention on cable TV, dominated by women half her age, this woman just seems to scene-steal for a living.  Gemma’s reign of terror over Tara came to an end, but Katey’s work just really eclipsed many of her peers on cable, and shows why she’s been a working actress in a business obsessed with youth. 
Bette Davis, Kate Hepburn, Maura West!  Those names just flow so effortlessly off our tongues and fingers.  This woman is sensational, and has revived “General Hospital” and put it back where it belongs, on the top of the Daytime TV heap.  Maura is so talented she’s almost unbelievable.  Can anyone be so good, so grand, so sublime with every single man and woman on her talented cast? She can, she is.  From beautiful wife, to busy mother, who knows where this woman finds the time to be the best in Daytime TV, but whatever she is doing, we should bottle it and force-feed it to every actress in this town.  Maura West is actually much better than the top five big screen icons right now.  No one, not one of them comes close to her versatility.  She is the master, and I’m happy to be a member of the Maura West cult.
While Katherine Kelly Lang is really bringing her A-Game to “The Bold and the Beautiful” this week on CBS.  She’s been doing so for years.  However, 2013 was a challenging year for Lang, who lost one leading man, and katherine-kelly-lang-81899gained, well two others.  Now with Thorsten Kaye, I find Kelly to be enigmatic and still unforgettable in the role of Brooke Logan.  She is truly the Queen of Daytime, without the age or the hassles that come with that.  Still strikingly beautiful after all of these years, we find nothing but great things in 2014 coming her way.  In 2013? Well, Emmy-nod would be the fair thing to do in the coming months.
And finally, Lauren Cohan plays Maggie on AMC’s top-rated zombie drama. Maggie doesn’t get to dress up in gorgeous gowns like many TV character. No, she’s usually in a T-shirt holding a machete ready to hack off the head of a zombie before he devours her.  But Lauren devours the scenery, she steals every storyline from her costars without even trying.   She is unforgettable in the role, that oftentimes finds her vulnerable, but strong as well.  Beautiful but lethal.  She’s definitely a Hollywood Triple Threat.  And on her way to bigger and better things, just as all five of these actresses will be.
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  Emilia Clarke/HBO; Katey Sagal/FX, Maura West/JPI Studios, Katherine Kelly Lang/Gilles Toucas/Bell Phillip TV Productions; Lauren Cohan/Maxim
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