Wed. Sep 23rd, 2020

Highlight Hollywood Chooses Our Friend Attorney Anne Bremner As The Victims Advocate Of 2013, Previous Winner Gloria Allred 2012

I met Anne Bremner years ago, we both travel around the same circle when it comes to TV commentary.  Anne appears regularly on CNN, HLN, has appeared on Fox News and dozens of other networks and stations.  Though based in Seattle, Anne is an advocate nationwide for victims, and those of us, who like to be called survivors.


In 2011 Highlight Hollywood chose our friend legal analyst Lisa Bloom as the Victims Advocate of the year, in 2012, we chose my friend  and neighbor Gloria Allred.  Anne Bremner was a given this year, as even today, she flew to L.A. to be by my side. Night or day, Anne is there to make a difference in so many people’s lives. She fought so hard to find justice for missing Utah mom Susan Cox Powell, and was devastated when she had to deal with her client’s Mr. and Mrs. Doug Cox, who later found out that their deranged son-in-law hacked to death, then set his two boys on fire in their home near Seattle.rebecca_zahau_nt_110719_wg

In addition to the Cox family, Anne has worked tirelessly to support and advocate for the family of Rebecca Zahau, who was found hanged in her billionaire boyfriend’s San Diego County mansion.  Anne never gives up on her friends or her clients.  Her father is a renowned psychiatrist, so is her brother.  So, she comes from a family that puts an emphasis on well-being, and part of the well-being is your legal life as well.  The fact that Anne is so empathetic about people, is why she was the first person I called this week, when a deranged stalker threatened my life, and it was Anne who quickly said, “Let’s go to the BHPD. They are very professional and know a lot about stalking victims in your city.”
Anne also has been an outspoken advocate for Amanda Knox, who was coined, “Foxy Knoxie” by the Italian media, who wanted to persecute an American girl, who was very beautiful and successful as an international student.  Anne saw that Amanda was innocent of the trumped up murder charges, and a rush to judgment, to find an American girl guilty by the media, and ultimately she was acquitted and released.  But not after years of torture in an Italian prison, and Anne stayed steadfast in her advocacy of Amanda, nationally and locally in her home of Seattle.
Anne yes, is high-profile, you see her on “Nancy Grace,” “Jane Velez-Mitchell,” and “Anderson Cooper 360.” But, she is one of the most considerate and down-to-earth people you could ever know.  She hates injustice, and loves her two beautiful tabby cats.   Anne is so real.  She is not only my dear friend, but someone I hope to become more like in the future.
In full disclosure, Anne was my choice to be nominated this year, but every single editor voted YAY when they heard her name.   Tomorrow, Highlight Hollywood reveals, Best Actor on TV 2013, Best Actress on TV 2013.  Just days ago we chose BEST FIVE TV Shows.
We love you, Anne!
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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: File
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