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Highlight Hollywood Editors’ Choices: Five Best Television Series In 2013

Highlight Hollywood editors and our dozens of staffers took a poll. What were the best shows on television in 2013? Well, the poll showed we all had different tastes, but still were able after a week of debating, to come to the conclusion that we could agree in majority that these FIVE television shows were the best in 2013.  And I’m sure there are some you think we left out.  Trust me, it was very difficult to limit to only five.  Here they are, and why we think they made TV entertaining in 2013.
The top five most entertaining or Best Shows of 2013 are: HBO’s “Game Of Thrones,” CBS’s “The Bold and the Beautiful,” FX’s “Sons of Anarchy” and “American Horror Story,” and NBC’s new hit series “The Blacklist.”
“Game of Thrones” was by far the best TV series in 2013.  Filled with the most human stories with a supernatural twist, the show is not above killing its most popular characters, but not as a stunt. It does so, knowing that you get richer storylines out of the emotional fall-out.  Two words describe last season’s best. “Red Wedding!” The deaths of Robb and Catelyn Stark will create such a richness and layered emotional return for season four.  Fans are hoping for vengeance, but not foolish enough to wish for, or root for any one character or family to take power, or more importantly; the Iron Throne.  Dany and her dragons saved the lives and freedom of tens of thousands of slaves last season, but we know that even with three powerful dragons, that Dany is not a given when it comes to ruling Westeros.
The Stark family faced insurmountable losses last year at the hands, indirectly of the Lannisters.  But things in Westeros can and will always change.  That’s what makes “Game of Thrones” so thrilling, exciting and unforgettable. It’s the most epic and posh production in TV history.
While CBS viewers are grieving one loss after another on the number one daytime drama in the U.S.  The number-one daytime drama on the planet, “The Bold and the Beautiful” is going strong.  With the Forresters, Logans and Spencers, the three most dysfunctional families in all of Los Angeles high-end society, Bradley P. Bell, the three-time Emmy Award-winning showrunner keeps the show fresh, ever changing, and fans are so passionate that they bleed almost when they wish for a favorite to win, or the downfall of another.  Katherine Kelly Lang, Winsor Harmon, Heather Tom, Don Diamont, John McCook, all add such a fascinating and yet nostalgic feel for this elegant run drama.  Brad Bell learned from the very best, my beloved late mentor William J. Bell and his beautiful and multi-talented wife Lee Phillip Bell. 

“B&B” is one of those shows fans fight about.  But it was one of TV’s very best in 2013.  And I’m sure 2014 will be filled with more fascinating plots.
 FX has two series that just show no signs of letting up on drama and intrigue. “Sons of Anarchy” was mesmerizing to watch in 2013.  Jax, played by handsome Charlie Hunnam took control of SAMCRO and control of our emotions, and even during episodes where we found ourselves yelling at the screen, we still hung in there, returned next week and screamed at the screen some more.  With shocking deaths this season, not to mention the most shocking; Gemma murdering Tara with a fork on the season finale, and sex and violence.  “Sons of Anarchy” manages to take the darkest and most violent subject matter and make it like candy, almost as if we are devouring our basic instincts and then for an episode each week trying to relive it.
And FX’s “American Horror Story: Coven” has been the best so far in the three seasons.  Jessica Lange is a master of suspense, beauty and fascinating to watch.  Knowing that Jessica’s nothing like the evil characters she’s been playing the past three years on Ryan Murphy’s drama, it’s shocking to watch her week after week steal scenes as only the two-time Oscar winner is able to do.  From demonic nun last season to supreme witch of the coven this season,   adding her brand of talent opposite greats like Kathy Bates and Angela Bassett, you get the feeling it just can continue to get better and better. And then you watch, and realize, it does.
While NBC has been back-breaking fighting to get back to the top of the Big Three networks (CBS, ABC and NBC); with James Spader in “The Blacklist,” it’s fast approaching its highest point.  The network’s new hit drama is pulse-pounding and unforgiving and unforgettable.  Spader is one of those unique character actors, who has managed to make an impression in every single project he’s starred in.  But this one is his best ever.  He is deliciously evil, but dastardly talented as well.   “The Blacklist” is definitely NBC’s best series in a decade.  The network that brought us so many of the best TV hours in the 1980s and ’90s, is back full-swing.
So, tomorrow?  Highlight Hollywood editors unveil the Best Actors on TV in 2013.
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: The Bold and the Beautiful/Bell Phillip TV Productions; Game of Thrones/Thom Bierdz; Sons of Anarchy and American Horror Story/FX and The Blacklist/NBC
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