Fri. May 29th, 2020

STOP THE PRESSES! Why Carrie Underwood Is Right To Slam Her Critics, Enough Slander Has Been Heaped On The Icon, Highlight Hollywood News

Carrie Underwood has finally said, ENOUGH!  “Mean people need Jesus,” Carrie says. She’s right.  Last week I did a over a dozen stories on the death of my friend Paul Walker, and was chastised in a snarky manner, why I hadn’t done a story on Roger Rodas. Well, just hours earlier, I’d done two. Before that, I was chastised by someone who isn’t a journalist or any part of the entertainment world on why I’d show a photo of the car that Paul Walker and his friend Roger Rodas died in.  Well, how about the fact, that I got hundreds of emails and calls from fans saying, they didn’t believe he had died.  I’d gotten permission from the family to use it, but I had no reason to be attacked by someone, who frankly, had NEVER ever commented on all the positive stories Highlight Hollywood has done over the years.  Carrie Underwood is enduring sniping from people who frankly are JEALOUS of her.
If these naysayers and critics with their poison pens, had one bit of talent, they’d be Center Stage, not Carrie.  For years, those of us in the industry that have been fighting against Reality TV ruining our families and our children in society, finally celebrated NBC’s decision along with Universal to showcase genuine talent of people, singing, dancing and acting. So, Carrie’s not Julie Andrews? She never put herself out there to be. She’s being Carrie, a beautiful person, who donates her time and her hard-earned money to our servicemen and women, which I can personally vouch for. She does USO shows, and supports our troops, not just while they are in the War theatres, but when they get home as well.
The Sound of Music - Season 2013
She was lovely, superb on the show, I loved it, and if some did not. When is enough heaping of pain and attacks on one person enough?  People frankly open their mouths about the hard work of others. I work 18-hour days while most are in bed sleeping and plotting up ways to attack my work, and Carrie the same.  I could not care less what my jealous haters think of me, and frankly, I surround myself with the positive people, who love me, and want the best for me.  It’s always someone who doesn’t do what I do, or what Carrie does, that has all the advice.  So, you’ve said you hated her, once is enough. She does NOT deserve this constant barrage of attacks by people who frankly not only hasn’t done what she did on Friday night, but can’t do so.
Carrie Underwood gets FIVE STARS from Highlight Hollywood. We say unanimously in our offices, that she killed it.  But, even if you disagree, enough is enough.   These vicious people should get a life.  Carrie doll.  Take my advice, when they attack me, “Why are you not writing about someone,” or “Why did you use that photo!” I remind them, if they can do what I do, and do it better, they would be sitting in an office in Beverly Hills right now, looking out the window of Rodeo Drive Holiday shoppers.
You do have the right when we put ourselves out there, to judge.  But, you don’t have a right to take people’s joy.  For those of us like Carrie and me, who do not have kids. This work that we do daily is our baby.  So, would you like me to tell you that your daughter or son is ugly? That he or she has no talent and should not be even seen in public? Of course you’d never want to hear that. So, why are you on the beat-up Carrie Underwood bandwagon?
I’ve been in the public eye long enough that I could not care less who likes me or who doesn’t, because millions of people around the world do love me.  But it is hurtful to our family members, who are not public figures, celebrities or famous.  So, these vicious attacks on Carrie are affecting her family and friends.
Carrie, Bette Davis told me when I was 13-years-old. “You do what you believe, and if anyone doesn’t like it, F’ em!” I don’t use such language, but Bette did, daily, and I’d advise you to take her advice, and your haters, can suck it!  They suck any way, so do my haters!

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: NBC Universal
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