Thu. Jun 4th, 2020

EXCLUSIVE! Highlight Hollywood’s CBS, Sony Sources Outs TMZ’s Source In ‘The Young And The Restless’ Firing Scandal, And Will CBS Fire Her Next?

After watching this horrific story play out on the venerable soap “The Young and the Restless,” I’ve been horrified.  An alleged number of incidents to a young lady on the set of the soap kept most of us in the media at bay.  Then on Friday, the story broke on the tabloid website and TV show TMZ, that sent shockwaves throughout the industry, that is generally quiet during the holiday season.
The question a CBS executive asked me during a chat was, “How in the hell did TMZ get this story?”  I began an investigation, and it really got fired up on Saturday night. You see, a woman who is not even a journalist but a “Y&R” fan, who writes for The Examiner, wrote a vicious, vile story about the alleged victim of Michael Muhney’s. Speculating with NO sources, and just conjecture that this young lady was the one who pursued a married man. Further violating this young lady, who has done nothing to deserve being emotionally, verbally, and further assaulted.
However, a Sony source reminded me, that TMZ is a “tabloid, and the writer in question of the fictitious story about this young lady pursuing a married man, which all of us know did not happen is just appalling and sickening.  The one who leaked the story to TMZ is the one who is most vicious, most damaging, not only to CBS, ‘The Young and the Restless’ and to the young lady, who begged that this story not come out, she did not want to be named in any stories, and everyone knew it. She trusted CBS to protect her identity, then someone at CBS outed her. We are going to get to the bottom of this.”
By Sunday morning, the source of the TMZ story was revealed to Highlight Hollywood.  And we thought it was in the public’s best interest, the alleged victim, the alleged perpetrator-Michael Muhney, and the fans of “The Young and the Restless” to know who indeed outed this story to TMZ.  The source of the vicious story that hit TMZ on Friday night is CBS Daytime honcho Angelica McDaniel.  Highlight Hollywood has learned exclusively that Ms. McDaniel’s husband works for TMZ.  That’s the “well-placed” source, who outed an alleged victim’s name in the media, who has been attacked by fans of Michael Muhney’s, who should be asking themselves why Jill Farren Phelps and Angelica Bridges held their tongues and their poison pens and pink slips until recently, months after several witnesses and the victim had come to them to report the alleged behavior.
Recently a former soap DIVA went on talk radio and said, “No scandal here! When I worked for a show for decades, none of the alleged scandals occurred.” Was this lady jockeying for a “Y&R” job? Whatever it was, it is outrageous that anyone would claim there was no scandal the day that Michael Muhney was fired.  I was not at the set on the days these incidents allegedly occurred, but I think the fans have misplaced anger. The young lady in question should not be subject of nasty rumors and innuendo.  Her identity should have been protected throughout this situation, and it should not have culminated six-months later with the firing of Michael Muhney, but actually the firing of Jill Farren Phelps, who chose NOT to do anything until she absolutely had to, and then Ms. Angelica McDaniel to have her husband bring the story to the tabloid where he works.
When asked by us what Sony and CBS plans to do with this information, that an alleged victim’s identity was released by an official at CBS.  The Sony insider says, “She’s been protected for a while now, but this violation of a person’s privacy, and having made a scandal to protect her own job, for this CBS should fire Angelica McDaniel today.  Everyone knows where the leak came from, and they are outraged. If she’s not fired, not only are actors and young actresses going to feel as though they are not safe to report alleged sexual harassment or assaults, but now they may fear being discarded and outed by CBS itself. This is unethical, and I am sure some heads will roll.”
CBS declined to comment for this story, nor deny the revelations.  But a CBS insider tells Highlight Hollywood, “This is so upsetting.  haven’t been able to stop shaking since the TMZ story ran, and people here put two-and-two together and it led right to Angelica McDaniel’s desk, just like breadcrumbs in a horrible nursery story.  The fact that this young lay is outed and being attacked by tens of thousands of fans, when she did not want this story out is so sickening. The fact that Michael Muhney was kept on and  then discarded when it finally had to be done is also sickening.  There will be an investigation, and where it leads, that person or those people will go.”  When asked if this meant Jill Farren Phelps has finally lost the faith of CBS, and maybe Sony, the exec would not comment on it.  “I will say, there will have to be action. This young lady was served up to the tabloid media on a silver platter.  The fact that Angelica and her cronies didn’t do anything when she and others including actors reported this to her months ago, and then when the Muhney fans began to attack CBS, Sony, she then outed this young lady is absolutely unforgivable.  And where Jill Farren Phelps also knew and when she knew as they say in Washington, D.C. political scandals, is going to become paramount.  The fans want Jill out? Possibly and probably her biggest supporter and protector should follow!”
Highlight Hollywood knows that the alleged victims name is out there.  But out of respect for her, we will not divulge her name.  As for Michael Muhney and the alleged victim, they both seem to have a case to go after the source; Angelica McDaniel themselves.  And unfortunately she has opened CBS up to major damages in countless potential lawsuits.  The winner in this? TMZ, who has been ignoring soaps and specifically “The Young and the Restless” for years, they finally got the attention they wanted from soap fans.  So, Angelica shoots Michael Muhney with one arrow, and blows kisses to her husband’s employers with another.  But where the third one lands, we’ll have to see. Time will tell.
Now, do any of you believe anymore that behind-the-scenes feuds are going on at your favorite soap?   Angelica McDaniel’s Twitter tagline says it best: “Head of CBS Daytime — I’m watching, talking, thinking or tweeting about @CBSDaytime right now.”  Add however, STRAIGHT TO TMZ!
Fans outrage should cease being pointed at the alleged victim, whether they believe her or not is irrelevant. She was not the leaker of the story, now you know who it is, you should demand CBS to fire that person and her friend Jill Farren Phelps.
As we have no right to tell anyone else what to do, we do ask that you refrain from slandering a young lady, who is not the bad person in all of this. Put your anger and rage where it belongs. On Ms. McDaniel’s doorstep, and TMZ for agreeing to out the alleged victim of a crime.  And on Jill Farren Phelps, who chose not to protect someone who came to her to report alleged incidents more than once. You should be asking, why CBS did nothing immediately, and that’s even if you are a Michael Muhney fan. And why six-months later, they toss him out the door and then the CBS head of Daytime TV uses her husband’s employer to out an alleged victim.
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: CBS
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