Mon. Jul 13th, 2020

‘Game Of Thrones’ News! Actor Gary Oliver Will Be Playing Small But Pivotal Role S4, Winter Is Coming, Highlight Hollywood News

“Game of Thrones” casting news!  Actor Gary Oliver will be playing a minor role, but a pivotal role in the fourth season of the HBO super-hit drama.  Mr. Oliver is set to play a Bravosi captain, which could be news for Ayra Stark.   Alex Graves will be directing the episode, as well as three additional others. He’s beloved by the cast of the show, so look for a lot of fun, and action!



The episode that Oliver will star in, should be episode 10.   For “Throne” fans; Valar Morghulis!


For all the rest of you, Winter is Coming!



“Game of Thrones” returns in late March.


Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: IMDB
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