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Superstar Gerard Butler On Recent Trip To Liberia, Mary’s Meals Also Making A Difference Around The World, VIDEO, Highlight Hollywood News

International star and philanthropist Gerard Butler is always using his fame to help others.  Many celebrities use fame for selfish reasons, however Butler is seeking to help those who are less fortunate

Feds Announces Thursday, Will Seek Death penalty Against Accused Terrorist Tsarnaev, Surviving Boston Bomber, Highlight Hollywood News

The Justice Department has notified a federal judge that it intends to seek the death penalty if a jury convicts Dzhokhar Tsarnaev for last April’s bomb attacks at the Boston Marathon.   Tsarnaev

‘AHS: Coven’ Showrunner, Creator Ryan Murphy Talks, Finale, Supreme Choice And Season 5, ‘American Horror Story: Circus’? Highlight Hollywood News

We have a Supreme.  Fiona’s reign of terror ends, and o last night’s season finale of FX’s American Horror Story: Coven, Cordelia was named the Supreme, following in the footsteps of her not

Ice Snarls Traffic In Shocking Southern Snow Storm, Reminiscent Of S1 ‘The Walking Dead’ Famous Scene, Highlight Hollywood News

Empty streets, shuttered storefronts and abandoned vehicles littering the side of the road in Atlanta. It looks like a scene from the epic number-one basic cable series “The Walking Dead.” And by

‘Game Of Thrones’ Star Gwendoline Christie, Lady Brienne Of Tarth Shot By Photographer David Bailey For Elle, Highlight Hollywood News

In HBO’s hit Game of Thrones the actor wears armor.  Heck, she even was even thrown into a pit to fight a grizzly bear last season. Now Christie wears designs by some

Epic Film ‘Noah’ Starring Russell Crowe, FIRST LOOK At Upcoming Super Bowl Commercial, VIDEO, #TheFloodIsComing, Highlight Hollywood News

The Super Bowl is known for not only the game, but the half-time performances and commercial spots.  We have the upcoming trailer featuring the Academy Award-winning actor Russell Crowe in Noah, which is expected to

First Lady Michelle Attends Democratic Fundraiser, L.A.’s Hancock Park Estate Of Phil Rosenthal, $700K Raised, Highlight Hollywood News

A fundraiser featuring an intimate roundtable discussion with first lady Michelle Obama at Phil Rosenthal‘s Hancock Park home raised nearly $700,000 for the Democratic National Committee Wednesday evening.  The first lady, kicking

Pope Francis Graces Rolling Stone Cover, A Peek Inside The Feature, Highlight Hollywood News

Rolling Stone magazine thinks Pope Francis is a rock star. And apparently they are not the only ones. When Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh or Mark Levin are attacking you, you must

Schae Harrison Is Returning To CBS’s Mega-Hit ‘The Bold And The Beautiful’, CBS Confirmed To TVGM On Wednesday, Highlight Hollywood News

Just yesterday news broke that beautiful Hunter Tylo is returning to guest star on the hit CBS soap “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Well, batten down the hatches. On one very foggy

17 Communities In The State Of California Facing The Threat Of Running Out Of Water Within Months, Report, Highlight Hollywood News

California’s Governor Jerry Brown recently begged Californians to please conserve water.  However, on Wednesday, the devastating news came that it is a lot worse than what the state government has been telling