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American Art Awards’ Best Gallery In Kentucky, 2014 Announced — FAF Gallery — With Oscar Connection – Highlight Hollywood EXCLUSIVE News

Each year, the American Art Awards, an online contest with winning artists  last year from USA, Canada, Latvia, Macedonia, Switzerland, India, China,  Thailand, Japan, Singapore, Norway, Belgium, Australia, Slovakia, Italy,  England, Romania and Mexico, honors the top 25 American galleries, who in turn  vote on new online art. President of AAA, Thom Bierdz, a prolific artist, author  and actor known to millions as Phillip Chancellor III on The Young & The  Restless, shared with me why AAA has selected FAF Gallery.
“This gallery is a vortex for excitement,” Bierdz remarks. “We chose FAF as  the best in Kentucky this year because their 5000 ft. showroom is infused with  heralded paintings and sculpture. We like the vibe, the buzz, the cohesion with  the multidimensional art. Housed in the historic landmark Henry Clay Building,  FAF’s high ceilings, concrete floors, open floor plan, European furniture and  large windows create a palatial environment that has become a hotspot for  locals, tourists, and serious collectors. Fine Art Firm is a continuation and  extension of Polonaise Fine Art and Studio 47 Galleries of Art, so we are duly  impressed with their 20 years of experience. The gallery is owned by married  couple Wojtek Pilczynski and Katarzyna Kociomyk.”
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Kociomyk, who graduated with honors from one of the most prestigious  Academies Of Fine Art in Europe, is known for her diversity of styles and  techniques, and is an established commission artist for portraits, surrealism,  still life, landscapes and cityscapes. Her paintings are in private collections  in the United States, Canada, South America, Europe, Australia and Asia. She was  the first woman in history who painted an official portrait of Muhammad Ali  which was presented at the HBO premiere of the movie “Muhammad Ali’s Greatest  Fight” and at the Muhammad Ali Humanitarian Awards Ceremony.
“This year, Hollywood will become more familiar with Kociomyk’s work as she  has painted this image that will be on the top cover of Art Eatables TM  chocolate box which will be given to A-list celebs at this year’s 2014 Academy  Awards,” Bierdz tells us.
Wojtek explains the painted figure, “The silhouette is of Evelin Brent,  an actress who came to Hollywood in 1920’s. Though talented, she never made it  big. The  1920’s was also decade when the Academy Awards first started and my wife  is fascinated with this era. In the 1920’s, the Henry Clay Building which is now  FAF was also in its prime. There were many more recognizable actresses from this  era but my wife liked this particular pose and composed the image based on that.  The hand eating chocolate is Katarzyna’s hand, the chocolate she holds is  exactly the shape of the chocolates inside the box, and the necklace is Art  Eatables logo. The chocolates inside are probably the best Bourbon Truffles in the World made with finest   chocolates exclusively paired with exquisite Kentucky Bourbons.”
Highlight Hollywood readers will be able to purchase boxes of these  exact custom-made limited edition chocolates which Hollywood royalty will be  savoring March 2, 2014. More info at
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Katarzyna Kociomyk next to her tribute to Muhammad Ali, “If the Look Could  Heal – Gratitude and Humanity,” at a benefit night for kids from The Dream  Factory in Louisville. Little Princess Gloria, usually in a wheelchair, walked  proudly – and seeing the painting of Muhammad Ali, exclaimed, “He is my hero.”  “You Gloria are my hero” – Katarzyna replied.
Katarzyna in her studio creating 48X72 painting for 2014 Kentucky Derby  “Winning Is Everything.”
Katarzyna in her studio working on “Thunder Over Louisville.”
HBO US Premiere of “Muhammad Ali’s Greatest Fight” at Muhammad Ali Center,  Louisville, KY.
Fine Art Firm owners Wojtek Pilczynski and Katarzyna Kociomyk.
Muhammad Ali Humanitarian Awards Gala Dinner – Galt House, Louisville, KY. 
Ernesto Montenegro “Telephone Booth” – currently creating the largest steel  sundial in the US.
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: FAF Gallery
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