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American Art Awards Names Craighead Green Gallery The Best Gallery In Texas, 2014, Highlight Hollywood EXCLUSIVE News

American  Art Awards president Thom Bierdz announced today that Craighead Green Gallery  is one of the 25 Best Galleries In America for 2014. Bierdz explains, “We  select a variety of galleries, one per state, and we’re impressed at  what Craighead Green has brought to Dallas these last 22  years. They’ve become one of the finest contemporary art  galleries in the Southwest, consistently representing about 40 artists of  various mediums. Contemporary paintings, archival pigment prints, sculpture  in a myriad of media – very current work – very approachable atmosphere.
“Gallery  director, Kenneth Craighead, and partner, Steve Green, opened the gallery in  1992 in the Dallas Arts District. Since then, they purchased a building and  relocated the Gallery to the Design District. Scot Presley joined the Gallery as  Assistant Director in 2002 and Daniel Angeles joined the gallery staff in 2013.
“Craighead  Green represents mid to late career artists while continuing their promotion of  emerging artists whose work is unique and interrogative. We at  AAA find that they are this year’s best gallery in Texas.”
box1 box2 browndenise1 ColonneCadutiMixedMediaonAluminum60x72-Copy
“Conversation Peace”  81″ X 50″ X 30″ stainless steel, stone by Kevin  Box
“Stone Paper Scissors”  105″ X 36″ X 35″ stainless steel,  stone by Kevin Box
“Directional Change Revisited”  72″ X 60″ acrylic and graphite on  canvas by Joey Brock
“Belief and Change”  75″ X 85″ carved tar paper and carved wood by  Denise Brown
“Pearls and Orange Dress”  60” x 40” oil on metal by David  Crismon
“Small Fires” 48″ X 60″  acrylic on canvas by Heather Gorham
“A New Path” 14″ X 12″  acrylic and resin on panel by Arturo  Mallman
“Self Without End”  36″ X 36″  acrylic on canvas by Pamela  Nelson
“Cloned Bunny” 34″ X 70″  oil on wood by Gary Schafter
“Letter to Antwerp” 72” x 60” oil & conte on canvas by  John Hathorn
“Colonne Caduti” 60″ X 72″ mixed media on aluminum by Jeri Ledbetter
Gallery  interior
The  Gallery is a participating member of the Dallas Art Dealers Association and  CADD, Contemporary Art Dealers of  Dallas.
Craighead  Green Gallery  |  1011 Dragon Street  |  Dallas, TX  75207  |  214.855.0779      Monday 12:00 –  5:00 • Tuesday thru Friday 10:00 – 5:00 • Saturday 11:00 – 5:00
February  22 – March 29:  Peter Burega, Jerry Cabrera, James Zwadlo.
April 5  – May 10:  Kevin Box, Rich Bowman, Pam Nelson.
May 17  – June 21:  Lisa Korkin, Brad Ellis, Daniel Angeles.
June 28  – August 2: Group Show.
August  9 – August 30:  New Texas Talent.
September  6 – October 4: Linda McCall, Jeri Ledbetter, Lee Mascarenhas.
October  11 – November 15: David Crismon, Tracey Harris, Yrjo Edelmann.
November  22 – January 3: Orna Feinstein, Jeanie Gooden. was  participated in 2013 by USA, Canada, Latvia, Macedonia, Switzerland, India,  China, Thailand, Japan, Singapore, Norway, Belgium, Australia, Slovakia, Italy,  England, Romania and Mexico.
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  Craighead Green Gallery
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