Dolly Parton’s Blue Smoke World Tour, Plus Gary And Larry Lane Twins Update On Possible Leslie Jordan Project, Highlight Hollywood News

Everyone knows how much I LOVE Dolly Parton, the beautiful country music Queen, who treats everyone with respect, gives a real show to her concert-goers, never met a stranger, and is as beautiful today as she was when she started singing on stage decades ago.  I caught up with her biggest two fans, Gary and Larry Lane on Thursday, and they filled me in on all of the positive things Miss Parton has going on, plus, get this, they are planning to work again with comedian, actor iconic star Leslie Jordan, who may have lost one of his eyes on the hit Ryan Murphy show “American Horror Story: Coven,” but he still has his good looks and wit in order. 
Not only is Dolly Parton kicking off a superb world tour, “Blue Smoke,” which debuts today in Auckland, New Zealand, but the beautiful icon is planning to release a new CD, and it should be released sometime around May 2014.  We’ll get back to you, when the date is locked in. For sure!  The twins did give me a bit of bad news though.  This is it, when it comes to “From Hollywood To Dollywood.” Say it isn’t so? Yes, that’s what the documentary makers of “Hollywood to Dollywood” reports to Highlight Hollywood.  “We recently got to meet with her on her Blue Smoke World Tour, Tommy.  This was so exciting as you can imagine, this was four years after filming with her.  We thanked her for  being in the film, and allowing us her music in the film!”  But, guess what? They have been bitten by the filmmaking bug, so this part of their professional lives may be ending, but not their love of Dolly Parton, or their love of filmmaking.
But, this will not come as a surprise to the millions of Dolly Parton fans.  She replied,  “It was a lot, but we got it all done didn’t we?!”  This woman is absolutely as beautiful inside as she is on the surface. Gorgeous filled with love.  Dolly taught me something many years ago, when I first got into this business, I didn’t realize that people would work so hard to drag you down, lie on you and spread untruths. Dolly’s sage advice back then? Don’t worry what people say about you!  That’s really taken me far in this business. So true. 
Back to chatting about this great tour, which Dolly was so excited about, getting to perform and meet her fans is what she lives for.  “Amazing end to an  amazing journey! Dolly does have a clause in our (Dolly Records) music  contract to renew the music rights for another three years in July of 2015,” Gary said. “Fingers crossed,” Larry added.
“Hollywood to Dollywood” screened at over 60 film  festivals and won 25 best documentary awards! It’s currently on Amazon and also on HERE TV!        But, that’s only a little of the good news, the twins reported to Highlight Hollywood! “We are currently working on a NEW documentary feature on the life of  Emmy winner Leslie Jordan!!! Loosely titled “Leslie Jordan DOES  Hollywood” (and surrounding areas) We cut our teeth on H2D and are  excited to get back in the film making game,” said Gary Lane.  Concluding, “Leslie is a treasure and it will be an honor to tell his story!  Also look for us in a Funny Zombie comedy with a twist on Hollywood Life, called (“Acting Dead,”) due out  in March.
Highlight Hollywood will be sure to keep you posted on not only Dolly Parton, and Leslie Jordan, but Gary and Larry Lane, the Hollywood Twins our readers love and adore!  Plus, to get tickets for Dolly’s upcoming concerts, go to:
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: NBC
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