‘The M Word’ A Film By Henry Jaglom Starring Tanna Frederick, Michael Imperioli, Frances Fisher, Opens April 2014, Highlight Hollywood News

Filmmaker Henry Jaglom has done it again.  The multi-talented award-winning filmmaker has put the best talent on the Big Screen, and the chemistry between the leading lady Tanna Frederick and every leading man in the film is crackling with chemistry, charm, wit and entertainment.  The award-winning actress who is currently on the set of an Indie flick “South of Hope Street” is so perfect in this role of Moxie, that you seem to lose sight of the actress as she evolves into her character’s skin.
Tanna’s unique and genuine talent is allowed to run free at the hands of Jaglom, a filmmaker who recently released taped conversations of the late Orson Welles in: My Lunches with Orson: Conversations between Henry Jaglom and Orson Welles,” which is available at Amazon.com. Jaglom is equally as enigmatic and talented as Welles was. So, it’s no surprise that this legendary director allows his talent to run free with their creativity on his most intriguing and one-of-a-kind movie sets.
“The M Word” is a  very conversational film that is filled with an eclectic level of different personalities, managing to highlight every personality individually and in group settings.  You come away from seeing “The M Word” almost believing that these characters really do exist, they are genuine people, and they are likable.  Upcoming new filmmakers should be forced to watch this film, in order to learn the style of making people feel like real people, not “cookie-cutter” characters on screen.
Tanna Frederick has gone from a superb actress in “Hollywood Dreams,” to a dazzling motivating, engaging force of nature in Hollywood. Not only is she the perfect leading lady in any independent or Tanna-Mfeature film, but she is a star on stage in Hollywood that continues to become more awe-inspiring with every role.
Perhaps Frederick is unaware of the gifts she has to offer her audience, because her down-to-earth performance in this film finds you not only rooting for Moxie, but identifying with her as well.  It’s a ripped from the headlines storyline, of corporate greed versus the lives of the worker-bee class, who just want to make an honest living, and in doing so, they have Moxie, an almost “Wonder Woman” of her time, standing up for those who cannot fight for themselves.   Tanna weaves in and out of scenes, from the leading lady lover, to spit-fire, kickass woman, who is not about taking any guff off of anyone.  The serious decisions in the office place that will affect people’s lives, and their families is not lost on Moxie.  Maybe the actress’s real-life experiences has created the perfect actress to play the character Moxie. It just works in this film.  The actress seems adept  at being empathetic, and this translates beautifully on screen.  Tanna Frederick is a stabilizing actress, one that makes everyone else around her look good.    The camera loves her, and she  obviously loves her craft.
In “The M Word,” Frederick as Moxie is pit between two of the most interesting performances in the film.  In one scene she’s romanced by Michael Imperioli, who is rightly considered a solid actor, and in the next scene, former “Lost Boys” child star Corey Feldman, who plays an insecure TV producer, who is sometimes just perfectly over-the-top. Feldman with his years in the acting field is really dynamic in this role. It’s now no surprise to me why he was cast in the part. Feldman is forceful in one moment, then vulnerable in the next.  While Imperioli’s character is never vulnerable, the actor knows that as the take-no-prisoners TV executive that he’s in charge and not just on screen, but also in every single line he recites, he’s charismatic and believable in the role.
From players such as Mary Crosby to Frances Fisher, they offer insight into menopause and you find yourself having hot-flashes while watching them play out each scene.  Gregory Harrison exhibits strengths in each scene he’s in, and delivers a whiplash-like head turning revelation by the climax of the film, and yet he downplays it, so that his character comes off heroic, not sleazy.  This film is filled with those “gotcha” moments, and the writing style of Jaglom delivers twists and shockers without making you lose sight of the broad vision and focus of the storyline.  It may be contemporary to our times, but with the quintessential Jaglom-style. 
“The M Word” is obviously about menopause, but a lot of other M’s as well.  You’ll be equally fascinated by every one of the aspects of this film.  Simon Jaglom is truly authentic, a young actor delivering solid work.  His scenes are played with the reality of the techies at a TV station, we all have seen them, admired them, but this is the first time you feel like you can get into one of their heads.  Tanna Frederick, simply delivers a  flawless performance in a film that has some of the best cinematography (by Hanania Baer) and editing (by Ron Vignone) that I’ve seen done in recent  movies. The uniquely filmed scenes from every angle of Santa Monica and West L.A. is captured so genuinely by a man (Henry Jaglom), who most assuredly loves movie making.
“The M Word” is a comedy with a dash of drama, with a lot of heart and soul.  Highlight Hollywood gives the film FIVE STARS out of a possible FIVE STARS. The film is the best I’ve seen in ages. 
This film will make you laugh, cry and scream even more!  Henry Jaglom kidnaps your imagination for 111 minutes. And when he finally gives you your life back, you feel like you’ve been on a marathon of many emotions, many of which you never get to feel while watching a movie today. 
“The M Word” will be released in April. 
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: Rainbow Films
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