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Westport River Gallery Is Named Best Gallery In Connecticut 2014 By American Art Awards, Highlight Hollywood EXCLUSIVE News

American Art Awards president Thom Bierdz announced that Westport River  Gallery is one of the 25 Best Galleries In America for 2014. Bierdz explains,  “We select a variety of galleries, one per state, with different specialties,  because in August these gallery giants vote on unknown artists’ images in over  50 categories. ‘Good art’ is a subjective term and it is interesting to note  that our esteemed galleries do not choose the same winners in these categories, however the submitted online images with the most votes win 1st to 6th place  respectively. You have already revealed some of our 25 Best Galleries For 2014,  many which excel in contemporary art and a few which had made their reputation  representing masters like Rembrandt and Manet. For Connecticut we are selecting  Westport River Gallery this year. We respond to their distinctive European,  American & Asian fine art, and are impressed that Westport works with all  levels of art collectors, corporate clients and decorators.”
Thom Bierdz, an artist, author, activist and actor known to millions as  Phillip Chancellor III on The Young & The Restless, continued, “Husband and  wife team, owners Ken and Pat Warren, have expertise in fine International work  by the French artists Pissarro, Dominique Dorie, Jean Pierre Dubord, Yetvart  Kaprielian, Jean Claude Duteil, Elisabeth Estivalet, Poumelin, Kerfily, Quizet,  Courchia. We have several categories for impressionism paintings in and we  can’t think of anyone more qualified to score these than the Warrens.”
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“The Warrens also deal in top American artists like Louis Schanker, Eugene  Paprocki, Milton Bond, HM Saffer, Vitello, Mona, Zider. The gallery is also  known for offering works by the father of French Impressionism Camille Pissarro,  and his subsequent three generations of artists including H. Claude Pissarro,  Paulemile Pissarro and Lelia Pissarro.
“Westport has specialized in European, Asian and American paintings and  prints for many years and we at the American art Awards certainly respect their  professionalism, history, and passion for historically referenced classical  paintings.”
Ken Warren adds, “Artists are selected based on their reputation, level of  credentials and distinctions. Styles include classic impressionistic, realistic,  abstract and sometimes modern.”
Westport River Gallery is located next to the downtown area off the  Saugatuck River, in famed Westport, an hour from New York City.
Westport River Gallery / One Riverside Ave. / Westport, Connecticut / USA /  203-226-6934 / 203-226-6934.
(of red fields) This image of flowing red poppy fields in France is a  Dr. Caudron original. Complete with Caudron’s signature pilot’s point of view,  this painting involves bold colors and lively trees lining the bottom of the  painting. Oil.
(green) Original oil painting by Paulemile Pissarro, 24×18, youngest  son of famed Impressionist Camille Pissarro. “Village Reflections.”
(of bridge) “Monet’s Bridge” original oil on canvas by Lelia Pissarro,  great granddaughter of famed French impressionist Camille Pissarro.
(red dot) “Pendulum” by Casiano is very different from his other works.  Black, white and red make a bold statement in this painting. Oil.
 (of boats, figures on beach) This original oil painting by French painter  Dubord of the “Beach In Normandy” with a beautiful sky, people enjoying the  beach, and boats sailing on the blue water.
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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: Westport River Gallery
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