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American Art Awards Names ‘Exclusive Collections Gallery’ As The Best Gallery In Nevada, 2014

“E. C. Gallery, Exclusive Collections Gallery, is our choice for Best  Gallery In Nevada, 2014,” says Thom Bierdz, American Art Awards  president, also known internationally as Phillip Chancellor III on The Young And  The Restless.
“Each year we recognize a variety of galleries across the nation.  All are excellent at what they do, but they do it differently. Some resemble  museums in size, look and feel, some are austere and formal dealing with  billionaires on the highest priced paintings on Earth, some are modern  and iconic flanked in Warhols and Picassos, others specialize  in regional art, like New Mexico and Wyoming and Maine. And this is  Nevada. Vegas. Bigger than life.254a
“E.C. accurately describes themselves as glitz and glam,” Bierdz explains,  “And we love it. This is luxurious, opulent,  ultra-vibrant, fantastical art – in an equally larger-than-life art market,  and E.C. does commendable business. Although E.C. is fairly new as the  jewel of Caesar’s Palace Forum Shops (the upscale shopping destination  known as the highest-grossing mall in America), E.C. has perfected their  success formula via three other locations in San Diego and Laguna Beach.
“Their artists are selected by founder Ruth-Ann Thorn and  collectors range from A-list celebrities to U.S. presidents to pop stars – from  the Sultan of Oman to Oprah to American Idol winners. E.C. enjoys the  opportunity to decorate the nouveaux mansions in America with images and  objects that appeal to celebrities and the more affluent demographic. They  offer sought-after classically renown pieces of centuries past –  and pride themselves on introducing a new-world-class art collection  that dazzles and inspires.
“Everything about E.C. is bigger-than-life and their lavish red-carpet  artist shows attract bigger-than-life crowds. At, we  celebrate galleries that excel in their niche, and Exclusive Collections is a  prime example. We are honored to name them Best Gallery In Nevada, 2014.”
Below is a list of E.C. artists and famous collectors.
Asencio is collected by:
Ice-T (Entertainer) Coco Austin (Model) Robert Sullivan (Principal of  Outback Steak Houses) Peter Sanchez (C.O.O. of Taylor Made Golf) Pino  (Famous Figurative Artist) Anne Heche (Actress) Glenn Close  (Actress) Viola Davis (Actress) Rooney Mara (Actress) Michelle Williams  (Actress) Demian Bichir (Actor) George Clooney (Actor) Gary Oldman  (Actor) Brad Pitt (Actor) Berenice Bejo (Actress) Jessica Chastain  (Actress) Melissa McCarthy (Actress) Janet McTeer (Actress) Kenneth  Branagh (Actor) Jonah Hill (Actor) Nick Nolte (Actor) Max von Sydow  (Actor) Alexander Payne (Director) Martin Scorsese (Director) Woody  Allen (Director) Terrence Malick (Director) Billy Crystal (Actor)
Steve Barton is collected by:
Oscar de la Hoya (Boxer) George Forman (Olympic Gold Medalist) Casey  Mears (NASCAR Driver) David Binn (Chargers NFL Player)
David Bruce is collected by:
David and Claudia Pearlman (Former Senior Vice President/Co-C.O.O.  of Infinity/CBS Radio)
Christopher M. is collected by:
Chef Thomas Keller (America’s most celebrated chef) Chef William Bradley  (Addison Restaurant) Chef Kevin Rathbun (Iron Chef winner) Chef Ludo  Lefebvre (LudoBites) Chef Emeril Lagasse (Celebrity Chef) Chef Charlie  Trotter (Celebrity Chef) Chef Francois Payard (Top Pastry Chef in  America) Chef Gavin Kaysen (Cafe Bouloud NYC) Crocker & Starr Estate  Winery Heidi Barrett (#1 Female Winemaker, Screaming Eagle) Randall  Johnson (Hess Collection Winemaker) Hill Family Estates
las vegas 11
Michael Flohr is collected by:
Alex Smith (Pro Football Player) Cher (Entertainer) LaDainian  Tomlinson (Pro Football Player) Southern Power Corporation Ruth’s Chris  Steakhouse Pete Sanchez (C.E.O. of Taylor Made Golf) Jeff Foxworthy  (Comedian) Jennifer Aniston (Actress) Jack Black (Comedian, Actor)  Michael Douglas (Actor) Robert Downey Jr. (Actor) Robert Downey Sr.  (Actor, Film Maker) Jon Favreau (Actor) Jodie Foster (Actress) Jamie  Foxx (Actor, Musician) Mel Gibson (Actor, Director, Producer) Jared  Harris (Actor) Guy Ritchie (Film Maker, Screenwriter) Garry Shandling  (Comedian, Actor, Writer) Joel Silver (Film Producer) Sean Penn (Actor)  Anthony Michael Hall (Actor, Producer, Director)
Gloria Lee is collected by:
Geena Davis (Actress) Jerry Lewis (Comedian) Paris Hilton  (Actress) Drew Barrymore (Actress) Denise Richards (Actress) Kate  Beckinsale (Actress) Kristen Bell (Actress) Miley Cyrus (Musician /  Actress) Fergie (Musician) Kathy Griffin (Actress) Chelsea Handler  (Comedian) Katherine Heigl (Actress) Blake Lively (Actress) Mario Lopez  (Actor) Kellan Lutz (Actor) Katharine McPhee (Musician) Cesar  Millan Kelly Osbourne Rachael Ray (Celebrity Chef) Jai Rodriguez  (Actor) Alicia Silverstone (Actress) Tori Spelling (Actress) Charlize  Theron (Actress) Justin Timberlake (Musician / Actor) Betty White  (Actress) Olivia Wilde (Actress) Oprah Winfrey
Daniel Merriam is collected by:
The Manhattan Club McCarter Theatre Merrill Lynch
Hisashi Otsuka is collected by:
Sophia Loren (Actress) Brooke Shields (Actress, Model) Dolly Parton  (Singer, Actress) Tina Turner (Singer)
Steven Quartly is collected by:
Tenley Molzahn (“The Bachelor”) Wolfgang Puck (Celebrity  Chef) Arthur R. Barron (retired chairman of Time Warner  International) Esteban Toledo (PGA Tour Player) John Dyer (Cox Enterprises  Executive Vice President)
Joseph Quillan is collected by:
Lisa Marie Presley James Doohan (Actor) Nicholas Cage (Actor) Mark  Wahlberg (Actor) Phil Spector (Music Producer) Valerie Harper  (Actress) Wyland (Environmental Artist) Robert Lyn Nelson (Environmental  Artist) Christian Lassen (Environmental Artist) Ratief Goosen (Pro  Golfer) Ed Begley, Jr (Environmentalist) Vic Edelbrock (Automobile Hall of  Fame) Joyce Brothers (Psychologist, Television Personality and Advice  Columnist) Jack Canfield (Author of “Chicken Soup” books) Steve Irwin  (“The Crocodile Hunter) Joel Wachs (President of the Andy Warhol Foundation  for the Visual Arts, NYC) Hayden Pannettiere (Actress) Scotty McKnight  (NFL Player) Jared Leto (Musician) Emma Ludbrook Larry King Bo  Derek Maggie Q (Actress) John Corbett (Actor/Musician) Luis Ruiz  (Musician) Tara Novick (Musician) Jim Clark (Producer) Kristy Hinze  (Supermodel/Actress)
Royo is collected by:
Commissioned portraits of King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia Judges of the  High Magistrature and the Court of Justice
Daniel Ryan is collected by:
Jeremy Piven Tom Hanks Bill Maher Adrian Grenier Kate  Bosworth P!nk Leonardo DiCaprio Dave Matthews Rosario  Dawson Woody Harrelson Julia Louis-Dreyfus Daryl Hannah Drew  Barrymore Ellen DeGeneres Orlando Bloom Jake Gyllenhaal Josh  Hartnett Sting Barbra Streisand Alicia Silverstone Courteney  Cox Cameron Diaz KT Tunstall Mark Ruffalo Edward Norton
Michael Summers is collected by:
Hilary Duff Rebecca Gayheart Keri Russell Beyonce Kourtney  Kardashian Lindsay Price Maggie Gyllenhaal Jessica Alba Uma  Thurman Alyson Hannigan Molly Sims Sienna Miller Kristin  Cavallari Jessica Simpson Bryce Dallas Howard Evangeline  Lilly Jennifer Garner Marley Shelton Sarah Polley Amanda Anka (Mrs.  Jason Bateman) Emma Heming (Mrs. Bruce Willis) Susan Downey Jr. Lisa  Loeb Kayte Walsh (Mrs. Kelsey Grammar) Jessica Capshaw Holly  Madison
Tuan is collected by:
Commissions: Vietnam War Memorial (Westminster, CA) Kuhn Corporation’s  Plaza (Orlando, FL) Trinidad, Heisler Park (Laguna Beach, CA) “The Little  Flower” (Mobile, AL), memorial bust for Nicole Brown Simpson Charitable  Foundation (1997)
Loet Vanderveen is collected by:
Wally Schira (Astronaut) David Packard (Hewlitt-Packard  Co-Founder) Bill Cosby (Actor, Comedian) Senator Barry Goldwater H.M.  Queen Elizabeth The King of Tonga President Ronald Reagan President  Bill Clinton President Gerald Ford Nathaniel Owings (Architect) King  Fahd Ibn Abdul Aziz of Saudi Arabia A.J. Foyt (Car Racer) Barry Manilow  (Singer) Elizabeth Taylor (Actress) President Suharto of Indonesia Burt  Reynolds (Actor) Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger Sheikh Yamani  (OPEC) Martina Navratilova (Tennis Player) Wilt Chamberlain (Pro NBA  Basketball Player) Prince Bandar Al Faisal of Saudi Arabia Jacques  Cousteau Society The Royal Belgium Zoological Society Mary Tyler Moore  (Actress) Federal Government of Switzerland Sultan of Oman
High Tea by Daniel Merriam
Desireè by Daniel Merriam
Balance (Iron Bonded Resin Sculpture) by Paige Bradley
Lotus Bearer by Jia Lu
Delicadeza by Royo
Young Mind by Paul Wright
Historic Gaslamp Gallery, Located in downtown San Diego (On the corner of  5th and Market), 568 Fifth Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101
Phone: 800.204.0062 or 619.232.1930 Hours of Operation: Mon-Sat  10am-9pm, Sun 12pm-8pm
Seaport Village Gallery, Located in Seaport Village (Behind the Harbor  House Restaurant) 835 West Harbor Dr, Ste AB, San Diego, CA 92101
Phone: 800.599.7111 or 619.238.0320 Hours of Operation: Sun-Sat  10am-9pm
Laguna Beach Gallery, Located in Hotel Laguna, 417 South Coast Highway,  Laguna Beach, CA 92651
Phone: 855.372.8213 or 949.715.8747 Hours of Operation: Mon-Sat 10am-9pm  Sun 11am-8pm
Forum Shops Gallery, Located in Caesars Forum Shops (Next to Anthropologie)  3500 Las Vegas Blvd, Ste T06, Las Vegas, NV 89109
Phone: 702.432.1154 Hours of Operation: Sun-Thu 10am-11pm Fri-Sat  10am-12am
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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: American Art Awards
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