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Avondale Galleries Named The Best Gallery In Oklahoma, 2014, American Art Awards President Thom Bierdz Reveals To Highlight Hollywood EXCLUSIVE News

Each March, American Art Awards announces their 25 Best Galleries In The  Nation. Thom Bierdz, best known as an actor on The Young & The Restless and  author of Forgiving Troy, presides over the international online art  contest which last year crowned winning artists in USA, Canada, Latvia,  Macedonia, Switzerland, India, China, Thailand, Japan, Singapore, Norway,  Belgium, Australia, Slovakia, Italy, England, Romania and Mexico.
Bierdz explains, “Undiscovered painters, photographers,  sculptors and digital artists’ online images are voted on by our 25  Best American Galleries. AAA’s mission statement is to introduce  the best US galleries to unknown artists worldwide, so we work very hard at  finding extremely established, revered galleries in 25 states. AAA is  a huge opportunity for unknown artists to have their work seen not just by  gallery eyes, but by the most renown gallery eyes in America.”
Bierdz reveals the 2014 American Art Awards choice for Best Gallery In  Oklahoma, “Avondale Galleries Incorporated has been Oklahoma’s Premier  Art Gallery since 1983, over thirty years. As one of the oldest and  most respected international fine art galleries in the state, they have an  austere reputation and inventory to offer collectors the finest classical works  from around the globe.
“Being a leading purveyor of American and European original oil  paintings, Avondale Galleries Incorporated Expert Art Restoration & Fine Art Appraisals also provide premier services like art  authentication, custom framing, and fraud identification. We think their  reputation and art are excellent and we at American Art Awards find Avondale  Galleries Incorporated the Best Gallery In Oklahoma, 2014.”
Carlo Maratti Painting – “Madonna and Child with Saints  After”  1923 beautiful Italian painting is in excellent condition –  exceptional quality and execution. This work is characteristic of the late 17th  century Baroque style whose prime exponent was Carlo Maratti (1625-1713). The  focal point of the painting is Madonna and Child who are seated and surround by  saints. Original Oil on Canvas.  Origin – Italian – From the Original  – Galaria Pinacoteca in Milan.  Canvas size: 42 1/2″ H X 24 1/4″  W Overall size:  53 1/4″ H X 34″ W
Claire Stenfort Painting – “Panorama Sun la Boville”  Oil on  Linen.  Frame 3 1/2″ Custom Handmade Gold Leaf with hand wrapped linen  liner with gold filet.  Canvas Size: 12 3/4″ H x 16″ W  Overall  Size:  21″ H x 24″ W
David Lefevre Painting – “City View”  David Lefevre born on November  11, 1968 in Crēpy-en-Valois France.  Oil on Canvas.  Frame: 2  1/2″ Custom Gold Leaf with bevel French liner 1 1/2″  Canvas Size: 28″ H x  36″ W  Overall Size: 35 1/4″ H x 43″ W
Dore Singer Painting – “Young Boy”  Dore Singer (1924-2009) was  born in Philadelphia and educated in New York. She graduated art school as a  fashion illustrator and had successfully pursued her career for twenty years  before making the transition to fine art. She worked with major department  stores from New York to Hong Kong and while living abroad in Tokyo and Germany,  she continued her profession and put her talents to work designing stage sets  and costumes for theatrical groups.
She also illustrated a children’s book published by Prentice Hall. The  Impressionists have had the strongest influence on her development, and her love  for children her inspiration. Her romantic young women and sweet children give  one a sense of peace and a nostalgic feeling for a world that no longer  exists.  Acrylic on Board 2 1/4″ Hand Carved Gold Leaf Russian  Baroque Frame.   Image Size: 7″ H x 5″ W  Overall Size: 12 1/2″H  x 10 1/4″ W
“After Titan”  Original Oil on Canvas.  Hand Carved 6 1/2”  antique frame with winged angles and birds.  Canvas Size: 23″ H x 17 1/2″  W  Overall Size:  37 1/2″ H x 31 1/2″ W
Theodore S Martin Painting – “Inscribed British Landscape”   (1815-1820)  Presented to: Sir Theodore S. Martin KCB, Knights Commander of  the Order of the Bath.  Oil on Linen.  4 1/2″ Hand Carved Ornate  Baroque Gold Leaf Frame 18K  Canvas size: 27″ H X 35 1/2″ W  Overall  size:  35 ” H X 43 1/2″ W
Boai Painting – “Still Life with Fruit”  Original Oil on Board.   Frame: 4” Ornate Baroque finished in Gold Leaf with ¾” beveled  liner.  Painting Size: 10”H x 8”W Overall Size: 19” x  17”  Excellent Condition.
Sandor Molner Painting – “Italian Street Scene”  Original Oil on  Board.  Frame: 3” Wood finished in bright gold leaf with a taupe  wash.  Painting Size: 5”H x 7”W  Overall Size: 10 ½ “H x 12 ½ “W   Excellent Condition
Avondale Galleries, Inc, 5617 N. Penn, Oklahoma City, OK,  73112
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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  Avondale Galleries
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