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CITYLOFTART Named Best Gallery In Florida, 2014, Highlight Hollywood EXCLUSIVE News

“The 2014 American Art Awards selects CITYLOFTART as  the Best Gallery In Florida, 2014,” says Thom Bierdz, president of AAA, also an  artist, author, activist and actor known to millions as Phillip Chancellor III  on the soap opera The Young & The Restless.


Each March the major online art competition selects their top 25 picks for galleries in an effort to introduce  the best American galleries to unknown artists worldwide. Bierdz continues,  “Miami is one of the world’s leading cities for art and lifestyle and  CITYLOFTART, with ten years experience in the center of Miami’s Art & Design  District, stands out with contemporary and futuristic European  illumination.”


Owner Hans-Juergen R.Klemm explains, “We offer a new  approach to art and color. Art for harmony and well being, strong colors for  strong light.”


Klemm, of German origins and education, cultivated  twenty years management in luxury export markets in France and Italy. He shares,  “Understanding the language and the cultures of important foreign prospectors is  an advantage. We provide a special mood, gorgeous light and colors, a harmonious  intimate ambiance. You feel the intricate work behind every detail.  


Klemm is as  well a fully licensed Real Estate Broker with his own corporation INVESTCOUNSEL.  He realized that Art and Real Estate have a common basis: Emotion, which is the  deepest impulse for a purchase-decision. You buy a home if you feel and love it,  you buy art if you feel and love it.   And you will marry both to state your taste, your sensitivity and your  difference.”

Youth Power Movement  "ART ON THE BOULEVARD"

CITYLOFTART is also an appreciated cultural event  place with its imposing terrace right on Biscayne Boulevard: Art Vernissages, Performances, Fashion Shows,  Dance Spectacles, Entertainment and Live Music for Miami’s nightbirds. 



CityLoftArt: “LIGHT meets COLOR”   Resin, enamel, Lacquer, glass, acrylic, Poly carbonate and even Water…  all media to transport LIGHT and COLOR.

Ira Tsantekidou    “Leda”  120 x 100cm / 47 x  39″  Grecian artist uses oil on  canvas. Leda is one of Zeus’ mistresses. She was the mother of Helen of Troy and  her myth gave rise to the popular motif in Renaissance, and later art of Leda  and the Swan.


Elmar Hund “410 Geostructure” Painting, 55 x 39″ / 140 x 100cm  Oil and/or acrylic applied on canvas  handstretched on original Bavarian pine structure-frames. Multiple layers of  color and precious metal/stone/vegetal powders in epoxy resin (gold 24ct,  aluminium, brass, lapislazuli, earth pigments etc), glossy / relief-effects.  Special resin treatment: ‘restsoft.’


Divna Pesic “The Power of Love” Oil on canvas. 50 x 70cm / 20 x 28″  Inspired by the words of Martin Luther  King: “Power without love is reckless and abusive, and love without power is  sentimental and anemic.“


Dorota Bednarek  “Cinderella”  39 x 47″ / 100 x 120cm  Polish  artist Dorota uses mixed media, primarily oil on canvas, acrylic, resin, and  various findings from sea salt to palm leaves, artificial snow, stones, glass,  plastic, metal, concrete as inlays, inserts, applications,  collages


Stephen  Schubert   “Blue Night Tapestry”  40 x 84″ /  102 x 213cm  Stephen Schubert is a  popular multi-dimensional  artist  using powerful colors, media and measurements to impose his style and his  excellence.


Guillaume Crouzier  “Guppy”  (patented light rods)  Designs,  develops and produces his products with main objectives bring creativity,  functionality, and durability. Manufactured in his France  workshops.


Maria Savino   “Di-Sperenza”   An  exceptional Italian artist.    Her sensibility is contrasted by the deep message, the quiet reminder,  the overwhelming facts, all wrapped in an artistic contemporary visualization  over her two themes: “OFF THE WALL” and ”  DI-SPERANZA”


CITYLOFTART LLC, 2200 Biscayne Boulevard, MIAMI, Florida, 33137  Tel.:  305 491 0492,  Website,  Facebook:  CityLoftArt LLC   LinkedIn: has awarded winning artists in 2013 from USA, Canada, Latvia,  Macedonia, Switzerland, India, China, Thailand, Japan, Singapore, Norway,  Belgium, Australia, Slovakia, Italy, England, Romania and  Mexico.
SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA cityloft6 cityloftCINDERELLA_V_120X100CM cityloftLeda__120x100web cityloftlyon cityloftpiano_2_retravaille7 cityloftThe-Power-of-Love_-50x70web
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  Helen Sloan/HBO
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