Tue. Jul 14th, 2020

Dupont Heir Robert Richards IV, Gets Zero-Jail-Time For Raping His Three-Year-Old Daughter, Judge Feels Jail Too Harsh, Highlight Hollywood News

Rich people have been very good at brainwashing poor people to hate other poor people, to call the greedy Wall Street bankers and Koch brother, job creators.  But it seems that they have brainwashed Americans also to think that they are above the law, and a man over 6-feet tall, who raped his own 3-year-old daughter was not sent to prison for one-single-day, because a judge felt prison would be too tough on him.  If Americans don’t stop being brainwashed and stop watching Fox and listening to right-wing radio hacks, then the nightmare scenario of two classes, rich and poor, and absolutely no middle class is going to become reality.  And this is the type of justice the ultra rich will get, bet you won’t be getting it, even if you pretend to be a “Ten Cent Millionaire” either.


And by the way, can’t blame the federal government or the “executive branch” for this fiasco!  And the perp is not a Muslim or Black or Hispanic either.   But, he’s pretty “scary!” And sadly, he is “one of us!”  Robert Richards IV, an heir to the du Pont family fortune, served no jail time even though he plead guilty to the fourth-degree rape of his 3-year-old daughter in 2008.  The details of that rape case, which received little media attention at the time, were revealed in a lawsuit filed on March 18th on behalf of Richards’ two children by his ex-wife, Tracy Richards, who is now accusing her former husband of also sexually abusing their son when he was toddler. The lawsuit is “seeking compensatory and punitive damages for assault, negligence, and intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress on his two children.”

According to the lawsuit, Delaware Superior Court Judge Jan Jurden said in a 2009 ruling that Robert Richards would not “fare well” in prison, reports Delaware’s The News Journal. Jurden originally sentenced Richards to eight years in prison, then suspended that punishment in favor of Level II probation and ordered the heir — who is supported by a family trust — to pay $4,395 to the Delaware Violent Crimes Compensation Board.


In 2010 Delaware police investigated allegations that Richards had abused his 19-month old son but found no evidence to support those claims. The News Journal reports that investigators are giving the case another look because the new lawsuit alleges that Richards admitted during a lie detector test associated with his probation to abusing his son.

The du Pont family, whose own Samuel Francis


Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: Delaware State Police
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