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Gallery IMA Named Best Gallery In Washington, 2014, Highlight Hollywood EXCLUSIVE News

The American Art Awards, with a mission to introduce the best American  galleries to unknown artists worldwide, annually selects 25 Best In State  galleries. President of AAA, Thom Bierdz, a prolific artist, author and actor  known to millions as Phillip  Chancellor III on The Young & The  Restless, shared with me why AAA has selected Gallery IMA.
“Gallery IMA is located in historic Pioneer Square, which is the heart  of the Seattle art scene,” Bierdz explains, “They are so current and they gallery-bwhave  developed a keen eye for current and relevant contemporary art. Here the  art beautifies visitors’ lives in a way that counters our society’s current  preoccupation with digital images. The art is clean, casual, yet very impressive  in its authenticity. Gallery IMA is dedicated to enlivening and enriching  an individual’s relationship to culture through the visual arts, and as a  premier Northwest art venue, they carry a broad range of original paintings and  sculptural works created by local, national and international artists. The  collective consciousness of Gallery IMA is given breath by a diverse  roster of artists at different stages of their careers; from emerging to  mid-career artists, as well as established masters.
“Gallery IMA has three gallery spaces within: Gallery I is street  level with glass and steel architecture, and large walls. Gallery II  is more intimate. Gallery III, on their lower level, exhibits paintings and  three-dimensional works, and has exposed wood posts and concrete floors.  Overall, they have an impressive history and a stunning display of fresh  work and we at American Art Awards consider them best Gallery In Washington,  2014.”
GALLERY IMA (member of the Seattle Art Dealers Association) / 123 South  Jackson Street / Seattle, WA 98104 / Phone 206.625.0055 / info@galleryima.com /


 Intersection_of_it_all_ 44x44_5000 JL.water_shu_drawing_1.sumi_ink_on_paper.14x11.WEBsmall memory_37_Installationsm sea_garden WEBsmall-DW_White-Out_36x36_Acrylic-on-Canvas filter_9x12_300 eal_untitled070705_mixedmedia_31x34 detailofisittrue CU_Antiquarium aston30_10x10_600
Young Hee Chang’s “Memory 37”
Stacie Chappell’s “Filter” mixed media on panel, 9 x 12″
Mieko Harra’s “Aston 30″ mixed media on panel, 10 x 10”
Eric Adrian Lee’s “Untitled 070705″ mixed media on canvas, 31 x 34”
Joonwon Lee’s “Water Shu Drawing” Sumi ink on paper, 14 x 11″
Eric Olson’s “Is it True?” (detail)
Lori Swartz’s “Intersection” mixed media on panel, 44 x 44″
C.L.Utley’s “Antiquarium” acrylic on canvas, 17 x 21″
Heny Steinberg’s “Sea Garden” mixed media on canvas, 36 x 36″
Dale Witherow’s “White Out” acrylic on canvas, 36 x 36″
http://www.AmericanArtAwards.com selects 25 Best In State American galleries each year, and has  awarded winning artists in 2013 from USA, Canada, Latvia, Macedonia,   Switzerland,  India, China, Thailand, Japan, Singapore, Norway,  Belgium,  Australia,  Slovakia, Italy, England, Romania  and   Mexico.
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: IMA
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