Happy 125TH Birthday To Paris’s Iconic Eiffel Tower, Highlight Hollywood News

Since it opened in 1889, the elegant structure has long been  an iconic symbol of Paris, a destination for those visiting the city, a  site to be in awe of.  For many, the sleek tower, effortlessly  gliding skyward, spectacular at night—is a physical manifestation of  love and romance. Remember when “B&B’s” Brooke Logan almost fell off of it? The iconic site is also the backdrop of many films and TV shows.


The Eiffel Tower started its ascent  in 1887, and when it was completed two years later, it became the tallest  man-made structure ever built at 1,063 feet, surpassing the Washington Monument  and holding onto the title of tallest in the world for four decades. An  estimated 30,000 people climbed the stairs up into the tower in the first few  weeks it opened before elevators had even been installed. It was an instant  hit.


Throughout the 20th century,  the tower became more than a tower, and more than a symbol of Paris. During  World War I, France placed a radio transmitter inside it to jam German  radio communications. In World War II, it became a Nazi prize when Germany  scaled the structure and planted a swastika on top.


Today, Monday March 31, the Eiffel Tower turns 125 years old—and its  never been more popular. More than 250 million people have visited the structure  since it opened, attracting 6 million people each year and making it  the most-visited paid monument in the world.


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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: Paris Tourism
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