Tue. Jul 14th, 2020

‘Liberty Strong’ A Fascinating And Enthralling New Book Series By ‘General Hospital’s’ Michael Saucedo And Nik Price, Highlight Hollywood News

We all know how frustrating it is, to start a wonderful book, only to feel stressed about the next installment being released? Worry no more, handsome and talented “General Hospital” star Michael Saucedo joins author Nik Price for a fascinating and extraordinary new series titled “Liberty Strong,” which the authors are bundling to make sure you get the follow-up the first intriguing story deserves.

Dead Extra (Episodes 1-4) an entertaining book series by Michael Saucedo and Nik Price just seems to capture all the hallmarks and high-points of a very thrilling novel series.  The duo (Saucedo) and (Price) take into account the reader’s intellect and they turn it on its head, with one page-turning event and sequence after another.



The soap opera plot with the heroine Liberty Strong, which fashioned after the  beautiful wife of Michael, (“General Hospital” star Rebecca Herbst, who portrays  , Elizabeth Webber), you have to read this, and trust me, you’ll find it fulfilling and both entertaining and shocking.  Michael and Nik toss away any preconceived ideas you may have a first-time writers, and quickly replace it with seasoned and stylish-writing, that is not only award-worthy, but captures your attention and offers detailed descriptions of our heroine, only to throw you into disbelief every chapter.  You feel as though you have been transported to a different world, one, where you can’t guess the next move. 


“Nik and I have been waiting to bring you a page-turner of a series  featuring a kick-ass heroine–a heroine who you  just might have seen on  TV. Meet Liberty Strong, star of  Dead Extra. Liberty’s in trouble. What awesome heroine isn’t? And needless to say, what soap actress wants to  be an extra…or dead.


We’re having a blast writing Dead Extra and hope you’ll follow us, and Liberty, on your favorite e-reader Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Kobo. Episodes one through four in the six-episode series have just been released.”

Pick up this book, it’s really worth your time, with spring around the corner, it’s the perfect series to start, get outside and enjoy the sun near the beach, or for young people who will soon find themselves sitting home for summertime break.  The fact that the authors have bundled this, makes the prospect of picking up this series worthwhile. No waiting at all. It’s here! Nik-Price

There’s absolutely no down-time for Michael, who tells Highlight Hollywood  about the writing and publishing process, “Bringing Liberty Strong to life with Nik, and sharing her world with our incredibly supportive readers has been an absolute  blast!”
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
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