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Box Office Report: ‘The Lego Movie’ First 2014 Film To Hit $400 Million Globally, Highlight Hollywood News

Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow’s The Lego Movie has marched past $400 million at the global box office, becoming the first film of 2014 to reach that milestone.  To date, the 3D

Gov. Chris Christie’s Latest Snafu, One He Quickly Apologized For, A Political Pitfall All Politicians Make Eventually, Highlight Hollywood News

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) apologized Saturday for using the  term “occupied territories” at an event hosted by billionaire GOP donor  Sheldon Adelson, CNN and Politico report.  Andy Abboud, the senior

Overnight North, South Korea Begin Trading Fire Across Sea Border, Highlight Hollywood News

Every day we are reminded about the tenuous peace between neighbors North and South Korea. South Korea on Monday returned fire into North Korean waters after shells from a North Korean live-fire

‘The Walking Dead’ Seaon Finale, Bloody, Shocking, Rick Takes Control Of Fractured Group, Terminus, Cannibals? Highlight Hollywood News

Terminus is  exactly  what our readers feared it was.  NOT a good place, not at all.  Our reader Kim B. in Virginia said, “I really don’t like this Terminus!” And that was the

Yellowstone National Park Shaken By Largest Earthquake In 34-Years, Highlight Hollywood News

Highlight Hollywood finds itself reporting on yet, another earthquake on the west coast.  Yellowstone National Park, which sits atop one of the world’s largest super-volcanoes, was struck on Sunday by a magnitude

Woman In Atlantic City Bar Throws Drink In ‘Bachelor’ Juan Pablo’s Face, Calls Him ‘F**king Douche Bag!’, Highlight Hollywood News

Creepy Juan Pablo does it again! One girl did what many rejected Bachelor contestants could only dream of doing, or even millions of ABC viewers.  She threw a drink in Juan Pablo Galavis’

Major Time Warner Glitches Outrage ‘The Walking Dead’ Season Finale Viewers On Sunday Night, Highlight Hollywood News

Can major corporations get anything right these days. Many yell at the federal government, and believe big business is a great alternative.  Well, guess again! Some Time Warner Cable customers saw a

Ukraine Crisis: Talks Between US, Russia Fail To Break Deadlock, Highlight Hollywood News

Four hours of talks between Secretary of State John Kerry and his Russian counterpart failed to break a tense East-West deadlock over how to proceed on the Ukraine crisis, though the two

Lost 1927 Mickey Rooney Film Is Found And Set For Preservation, Report, Highlight Hollywood News

American cinema is sometimes overlooked by historians, and it’s forgotten that we created the world’s first and largest motion picture industry. Dozens of lost American silent films unseen for decades — including

Box Office: Fie On Rick Warren, Glenn Beck, Fox Nuts, ‘Noah’ Wins Over Faith-Based And Mainstream Audiences, Hits $44 Million, Highlight Hollywood News

It’s such great news to see Americans finally not listening to False News Channel, Pastor Rick Warren and idiot Glenn Beck, who tried to derail the success of Russell Crowe’s best film