Fri. Sep 25th, 2020

Pippin Contemporary Named Best Gallery In New Mexico, AAA President Thom Bierdz Tells Highlight Hollywood News

The American Art Awards announces their top 25 Best In State Galleries  every March. President of AAA, Thom Bierdz, an artist, author,  activist and actor known in many countries as Phillip Chancellor III on The  Young & The Restless, shared with me why AAA has selected Sante  Fe’s Pippin Contemporary as Best Gallery In New Mexico.
“It’s the bright intriguing abstract entrance to world-famous Canyon  Road, the location of many famed Sante Fe galleries,” Thom explains, “We like  the mood and feel of Pippin Contemporary –  a rich, sensuous visual  experience – in paintings to sculptures both kinetic and  stationary.  Aleta Pippin, who had co-founded Pippin Meikle Fine Art  in 2006, opened Pippin Contemporary in 2011 with her passion for authentic,  energetic, tactile, contemporary art. Aleta had previously founded her Houston  company in 1984, subsequently growing it to four locations and selling to an  international company in 2008. Since 2006, Aleta has served on the board of the  Santa Fe Gallery Association and is also past-president of the Santa Fe Society  of Artists.
“We at American Art Awards want to recognize Aleta’s trajectory and admire  how the work at Pippin Contemporary creates both comfort and surprise,  offering the viewer a venue through which to access their emotions, often  transporting themselves to the brightest of their inner worlds. Among the  represented artists, using mediums from acrylic and oil paint, to glass,  steel, and bronze, are Robert Langford, Sandra Duran Wilson, Stephanie Shank,  Greg Reiche, Aleta Pippin, Troy Pillow, Stephanie Paige, Suzanne Wallace Mears,  Julie Lazarus, Jim LaPaso, Cody Hooper, Tony Griffith, Eva Carter, and  Guilloume.”
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Warming Trend…New Work by Robert Langford, May 23 @ 5 – 7 PM
Group Show…Suzanne Wallace Mears, Stephanie Paige, Sandra Duran Wilson,  June 20 @ 5 – 7 PM
Changing Course…New Work by Aleta Pippin, July 5 @ 5 – 7 PM
Across the Divide…New Work by Tony Griffith, July 25 @ 5 – 7 PM
Internal Light…New Work by Cody Hooper, August 15 @ 5 – 7 PM
New Work by Greg Reiche, October 10, 5 – 7 PM
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Pippin Contemporary Fine Art Gallery, 200 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM  87501 E:  T: 505.795.7476
Pippin4 Pippin5 Pippin6 Pippin7 The 2013 American Art Awards  reached artists in USA, Canada, Latvia, Macedonia, Switzerland, India,  China, Thailand, Japan, Singapore, Norway,  Belgium, Australia, Slovakia,  Italy, England, Romania and Mexico
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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: AP
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