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R. Michelson Galleries Named Best Gallery In Massachusetts, 2014, Highlight Hollywood EXCLUSIVE News

The American Art Awards, with an intent to introduce the best American  galleries to unknown artists worldwide, selects their top 25 picks for  remarkably proficient and accomplished galleries each year in March. President  of is  Thom Bierdz, an artist, author, activist and actor known to millions as Phillip  Chancellor III on The Young & The Restless.
Bierdz explains Massachusetts selection, “R. Michelson Galleries has an  impeccable reputation and the most prominent visual art space in Northampton,  Massachusetts, which many believe is the premier art town in America. In the  center of Main Street this palatial gallery exhibits the nation’s finest  illustrators and most respected sculptors, painters and printmakers. Their  corporate division has decorated hundreds of spaces, from law offices,  restaurants, hospitals and colleges, with the finest commercial images, both  contemporary, classic and retrospective. R. Michelson Galleries is also the  largest commercial art gallery in western Massachusetts, and substantiating  Richard Michelson’s eye for commercial images, many pieces originally exhibited  there now hang in prestigious museums, including New York’s Metropolitan Museum  of Art, the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and the Art Institute of Chicago.  Their sculptors have created some of our nation’s major memorials, from the FDR  Memorial in Washington D.C. to the National Anne Frank Memorial.
“Some of R. Michelson Galleries most notable artists include Leonard  Baskin, Tony DiTerlizzi, Turi MacCombie, Deborah Rubin, Mo Willemsl, Rebecca  Guay, Robert Masla, Gregory Gillespie, Rob Brooks, Leonel Gongora, Mark Meunier,  Pietro Spica, Lewis Bryden, Karla Gudeon, Ernesto Montenegro, Max D. Standley,  Jack Coughlin, Jeff Kern, Barry Moser, Kurt Vonnegut, Mark Curtin, Michael Kuch,  Leonard Nimoy, Jerry Pinkney, Randall Deihl, Thomas Locker, Linda Post, and  Richard Yarde.
“R. Michelson Galleries offer oil paintings, egg tempera, watercolors,  prints, fine art books, bronze sculptures and more. We at American Art Awards  examine thousands of galleries each year and are excited to name R. Michelson  Galleries the Best Gallery In Massachusetts, 2014.”
Gallery Hours: Monday – Wednesday: 10 – 6, Thursday – Saturday: 10 –  9, Sunday: 12- 5
Zachary Ehrenreich “The Artist and his Muse” 48 x 54″
Kadir Nelson “Nelson Mandela”
Mark Meunier “Black Sheep” 18.5 x 24.5″
Gregory Gillespie “Self Portrait with Bananas” 24 x 36″ Oil on wood  over photograph
James Zwaldo’s “Pedestrians 264″ 46 x 22”
Karla Gudeon “Lemons and Watermelon” Watercolored dry point  engraving
Dr. Seuss “The Cat in the Hat” 4 x 3″ Pen and ink
Leonard Baskin “Mourning Woman” 3 0 x 23″ Watercolor
Leonard Nimoy 60 years of photography
Group photo of illustrators and staff.
Richard Michelson, Gallery Owner. Paul Gulla, Gallery Manager.  Elizabeth Finney, Senior Art Director. Leah Hollrock, Gallery Assistant;  Preparator; Cinematographer. Nik Asikas, Gallery Assistant; Web designer,  Preparator. R. Michelson  Galleries, 132 Main Street, Northampton, MA 01060 2013: USA, Canada, Latvia, Macedonia, Switzerland, India, China, Thailand,  Japan, Singapore, Norway, Belgium, Australia, Slovakia, Italy, England, Romania  and Mexico.
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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: R. Michelson Galleries
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