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Southam Gallery Named As The Best Gallery In Utah, 2014, Highlight Hollywood News

“Southam Gallery, now in its 35th year in downtown Salt Lake City,  is one of the premier galleries in the Inter Mountain Region and we are naming  it Best In Utah for 2014,” says Thom Bierdz, president of American Art Awards.  “The gallery is primarily known for its exceptional representational art of the  American landscape.”
The American Art Awards announces their top 25 picks for galleries every  March. President of AAA, Thom Bierdz, an artist, author, activist and actor  known to millions as Phillip Chancellor III on The Young & The Restless,  presides over the online artist competition which named winning artists in 2013  from USA, Canada, Latvia, Macedonia, Switzerland, India, China, Thailand, Japan,  Singapore, Norway, Belgium, Australia, Slovakia, Italy, England, Romania and  Mexico. UtahSouthamGallerymissingpic
Linda S. Southam’s background includes study at the University of Utah and  Brigham Young University in painting. Prior to opening her own art gallery, she  apprenticed at a local art gallery for eight years.
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In 1982, Linda S. Southam opened Southam Gallery and has  steadily developed discerning clientele of collectors for primarily Utah  artists, both living and deceased, including A.D. Shaw, Richard Boyer, Kimbal  Warren, Karl Thomas, Dan Graziano, Scott Brough, Glen Edwards, Barbara Edwards,  Josh Claire, Brad Teare, Jerry Hancock, Ken Baxter, Steve McGinty, Donald Allan,  Graydon Foulger, Diane Turner, Anne Marie Oborn.
Daughter Kimberly Southam has a degree in art history  from the University of Utah. She also studied at the Universite de Neuchatel,  Switzerland and traveled throughout Europe with courses at major museums. Ms.  Southam has experience as a Corporate Art Curator/Consultant in Utah, Idaho, New  Mexico, Montana, and California.
Linda & Kimberly work to provide excellent service and artwork for  the beginning and seasoned art collector.
Southam Gallery 152 S. Main St. Salt Lake City, Utah 84101  801-322-0376

Josh  Claire, San Juan Range
Barbara Edwards, A Thirsty Bunch
Dan Graziano,  Chicago Blues
Richard Boyer, Evening Light, Stockholm
Richard Boyer,  Journey of a Lifetime Karl Thomas,  Near Park City
Alexander  Dzgurski, II, Pacific Moonlight Ken Baxter, The Villa
Kimbal Warren,  Clouds over the Grand Staircase Monument
Dan Graziano, Long Shadows Brad  Teare, Near the River
A.D. Shaw, The Yampa
reflections_in_the_water (1) evening_light IMGP2341 It's_a_Mad,_Mad,_Mad,_Mad,_World kw10.05_24x24_Clouds_over_Grand_Staircase_Natl._Mon. long_shadows_5x7_Web600
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: Southam Gallery
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