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TEW Galleries Named Best Gallery In Georgia, 2014, Highlight Hollywood EXCLUSIVE News

The  American Art Awards, with mission statement to introduce the best American  galleries to unknown artists worldwide, selects their top 25 picks for  remarkably proficient and accomplished galleries every March. President of  AAA, Thom Bierdz, a painter but known worldwide primarily as Phillip  Chancellor III on The Young & The Restless, explains why AAA selected TEW  Galleries for Georgia, “Twenty-six years under the dedication and discretion of  owner Timothy Tew has assured TEW Galleries is a leading contemporary  fine art institution in the south. After studying art in Paris, Timothy  founded the Atlanta gallery in 1987, and has since overseen its development from  small beginnings to a sizeable organization that today features some of the  finest contemporary art in the country.”


Bierdz  continues, “Collectors and designers rely on TEW’s established reputation for  its representation of national and international artists – and TEW presents a  broad spectrum of works in styles ranging from traditional to contemporary,  including abstract, landscape, and figurative art. Adding to the regional  authenticity of the experience – they are housed in an impressive original three  story town home in a prized historical neighborhood.  TEW also focuses  on the best of the next generation of emerging talent and regularly features  young artists alongside established contemporaries in their seven  annual exhibitions. We at the American Art Awards are proud to name  TEW Galleries as Best Gallery In Georgia, 2014, and one of our 25 Best Galleries  In The Nation, 2014.”

List of artist’s work and images in order of presentation: Top to  Bottom.
1: Petro Lebedynets, “Rhapsody”, 2014, oil on canvas, 51″ x 59″
2:  Kimo Minton, “Finder’s Keepers”, 2012, Polychrome woodcut, oil on birch, 25” x  40”
3: Stewart Helm, “Argentinian Orange Head”, 2014, oil on canvas, 7.875″ x  7.875″
4: (Tew Web Page) Painting by Serhiy Hai
5: TEW Galleries, interior  of first floor gallery
6: Raul Diaz, “Descanso”, 2011, mixed media on wood  panel, 31.625″ x 39.25”
7: TEW Galleries, exterior
8: Claude Bauret  Allard, “The Way”, 2011, pastel on paper, 48″ x 32″
9: Maxey Andress,  “Synthesis”, 2012, mixed media on panel, 53″ x 41.25″
10: Richard Olsen,  “Wall LXIV”, 2012, oil on linen, 39.5″ x 65.5″


11: America Martin, “Day by  the Sea”, 2012, oil & acrylic on canvas, 38″ x 45″
12: Charles Ladson,  “Landing”, 2012 oil on canvas, 47″ x 47″ [sold]

13: Serhiy Hai, “Two Riders”,  2014, oil & acrylic on canvas, 67″ x 51″
14: Olena Zvyagintseva, “The  Song”, 2013, oil on linen, 34″ x 63″



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  TEW  Galleries / 425 Peachtree Hills Avenue #24 / Atlanta, GA 30305 / Hours: Monday –  Friday 10:00 – 5:00 / Saturday 11:00 – 5:00 / Voice:  404-869-0511  / Fax: 404-869-0512 / TEWINTERIORSPR1011_14in72dpi 2013  had winning artists from USA, Canada, Latvia, Macedonia, Switzerland,  India, China, Thailand, Japan, Singapore, Norway, Belgium, Australia,  Slovakia, Italy, England, Romania and  Mexico.

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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: TEW Gallery
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