‘The Walking Dead’s’ Explosive Seaon Finale, Rick Got It Groove Back, Daryl Finds A New Brother, Highlight Hollywood News

“The Walking Dead” ended on a brilliantly high and dramatic note, and superstar Andrew Lincoln, who portrays Rick Grimes agrees. “It was a really good ending, and although I wanted to have the final line a little different, it was too saucy for TV.” So true,  “They are screwing with the wrong people,” Rick said. You can deduce what he would have preferred to say.  But the fear in fans’ minds is palpable. Cannibals must be what runs Terminus, and everyone knows that everyone can’t make it out of Terminus alive.  So, will Rick make the ultimate sacrifice to save son Carl and the group? Will Daryl?  Well, if Daryl dies, we riot! Don’t forget it!
Although I feel comfortable that Tyrese and Carol most likely chose a different path than Terminus with baby Judith, let us at least hope so!  Beth’s location has me very worried for the character.  Could she have been kidnapped by the Terminus crew, or even someone worse?  Andrew Lincoln’s powerful scenes really lands him on the top of the heap as far as Sunday night performers on television. He was brilliant, even down to ripping out his nemesis throat with his own teeth.  Wow, that sounds gross, and it is, but it was a powerful scene that culminated when he realized his teenage son and Michonne would be raped and killed by Joe and his crew.
Norman Reedus was equally as astounding, as Daryl decided to sacrifice himself for Rick, Carl and Michonne, and the scene when he and Rick bonded again, and Rick reminded him, “You are my brother” was a tearjerker.  These two guys really delivered the goods, all of them, and then some.
Fans already hate Terminus, and are hoping the group escapes and faces dead walkers again instead of the living monsters inside Terminus. 
Now, keep Daryl and Rick alive, this is a bromance worth fighting for.
The show had a lot to deliver for a season finale, and they did.  So, ratings? That’s up next!
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: AMC
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