Sun. Feb 23rd, 2020

Bestselling Author And Daughter Of A U.S. President, Patti Davis On The Latest Spike In Racism, She Calls It Out, Highlight Hollywood News

My dear friend Patti Davis and I have often agreed and disagreed.  However, we remain solidly in agreement on the rise in racism in the U.S., since the first African American President was elected, twice. Yes, elected. Despite right-wing bloggers claiming that a Muslim infiltrated our nation, born in Kenya, Barack Obama is forever in the history books, and the bigots in the GOP and on the right can’t take that from him. In fact, when history judges them, their descendants won’t be so proud of grandma and grandpa, that’s for sure.  Patti’s father the late Ronald Reagan was one of the wittiest and most gracious men I ever knew.  And although the GOP claims to have a patent on President Reagan, he was actually nothing like these hateful bigots and racists, and Patti agrees that Sean Hannity knew that Cliven Bundy was a racist, and goes a step farther, stating he’s being fickle and disingenuous.  Now you see why I love Patti!
In Patti’s latest website post: The Faces of Racism, the beautiful bestselling author says in part: “No more air time for Mr. Bundy at that [Fox] network. It does seem a bit disingenuous of Sean Hannity, not to mention fickle. I mean, was he really that surprised that Cliven Bundy is a racist? This is a man who said he doesn’t recognize the Federal Government as even existing. So then why call out your militia friends to defend you? If the government doesn’t exist, then those uniformed men on your property must have been merely a hallucination. Did Hannity really think this flag-waving rancher was a reasonable individual? But I digress.”
Digress any time, Patti, who also shared a chilling message, one I often heard growing up in the South by racists. “I once met a polite and gracious Southern woman with white hair and twinkly blue eyes. She was from Birmingham, Alabama. Within five minutes she was was telling me that the media had lied about what went on in Birmingham during the Civil Rights protests in the 60′s. “Those Negroes,” she said, “were paid five dollars each to go out there and demonstrate.” Suddenly she no longer seem polite and gracious. “Were they paid extra to get their heads bashed in with nightsticks?” I asked her. She didn’t want to talk to me anymore after that, which was fine with me.”
Read Patti’s latest post here!
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett; with excerpts courtesy Patti Davis
Photographs are Courtesy: File
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