CBS’s Mega-Hit Daytime Drama ‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Fans Ask, Where’s The Balance? Highlight Hollywood News

“The Bold and the Beautiful” is the most-watched daytime drama on the planet.  It’s helmed by handsome and multi-talented head writer and executive producer Bradley P. Bell, who has taken home three Daytime Emmy-Awards for his brilliant work on the series, which was created by parents Lee Phillip Bell, and the late William J. Bell.  Some of the show’s fans have started a campaign called “Why is there no Balance?” Though Highlight Hollywood has gone on the record calling “B&B” 2013’s Best Daytime Drama, many of its fans are asking Brad to bring more Forresters to the forefront of the series, and allow them to share air-time with the Logans, Spencers and the newbies.
The show has one of the most outstanding cast in television history, so fans miss their faves.  Susan Flannery has retired, and now Hunter Tylo and Katherine Kelly Lang are the show’s matriarchs.  Heather Tom is dazzling as Katie, but fans are itching to see Steffie Forrester make her triumphant return.
The characters of Rick, Ridge and Bill are seen very often, but fans ask, “Where’s Thorne?”  Winsor Harmon is one of the most talented and handsome actors on the show.  Fan Kathleen on our Facebook page said, “We want the Forresters back front-and-center, and Steffy back if not Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, then a recast.  And to stop focusing on one couple and actress and character,   Hope. Give us strong women too!”
While Valerie says, “I love Hope and Brooke. I think they are both amazing characters, but yes, I’d love to see more of Taylor and Steffy.  The Forresters started this show and so did the Logans, so I’m happy with both families, but I can understand why some fans are unhappy that they are not seeing more Forresters interacting.  I frankly adore Kim Matula as Hope, so no complaints there.”
“Bold and Beautiful Fans,” spearheading the “Where’s The Balance” campaign wrote on their webpage:  “Hope Logan is hailed by The Bold and Beautiful as the “Ideal Woman” in looks, attitude and principles. This decision, by the Soap Opera, of promoting a misguided stereotype that persists to today per ABC World News (4/23/2014), is simply wrong and very damaging.
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What is unique about Hope Logan, the Central Character, versus the yesteryear ensemble of core female characters – Stephanie Forrester, Brooke Logan, and Taylor Forrester – is she is always written as the “winner” with her greatest tragedy in soap life being the loss of a boyfriend to another woman. And should Hope ever not be the winner, it’s because she’s the wronged victim. However, when other characters on The Bold and Beautiful lose, they are either left to suffer off-screen with no sympathy from other characters or made to feel that their pain was earned.”
Frankly, I understand Brad’s writing style. He’s very cyclical in his storytelling, and some people don’t like it.  But I’ve learned, patience is a virtue in Daytime TV writing, but Highlight Hollywood has nothing but respect for all of the “B&B” fans, so they always have a voice here!  So does “B&B,” one of the best TV shows on screen.
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I love all of these stunning actresses, so I want more of them all! Hunter Tylo is brilliant and smoldering in drama, Katherine Kelly Lang is sublime as sensual heroine, Kim Matula is a solid performer and Jacqueline MacInnes Wood is scorching!  But hey, this is about the fans!  Hope they realize how much “B&B” and Brad Bell appreciate what they have to say!
“The Bold and the Beautiful” airs weekdays on CBS.  And expect the show to be nominated on Thursday for Best Daytime Drama by the Daytime Emmys.
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: DO NOT copy, reprint or duplicate these photographs without the permission of Bell Phillip Television Productions Susan Flannery by Gilles Toucas; Katherine Kelly Lang and Kim Matula by Brian Lowe, Hunter Tylo by Gilles Toucas and Jacqueline MacInnes Wood by Art Streiber
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