PREVIEW ‘Game Of Thrones’ ‘First of His Name’, Will Jon Snow Save Brother Brandon? Will Cersei Stop Margaery? Night’s King Returns?(VIDEO), Highlight Hollywood News


“Game of Throne” delivered not only its highest rated episode last Sunday night, but also it’s most exciting in years.  The show that we call the Best on Television introduced us to of all things,  the Night’s King.  And he will definitely hasten on Winter, which is coming.  But in next week’s episode, will Jon Snow be there to save his brother Brandon Stark, who is being held captive at Craster’s Keep?  Will he stop the mutiny which began last season when some of the Night’s Watchmen turned not only on Craster, but also Lord Commander Mormont?

Jon also may have no idea that in addition to his siege on Craster’s, that he should watch his back, since Locke sent by Lord Roose Bolton, who killed his brother Robb Stark and his stepmother Lady Catelyn Stark last year at the Red Wedding wants Jon and Brandon and Rickon killed so that they can’t make a claim for Winterfell.   Truly, every character and every storyline has so many layers, one can get lost in it all.  But try not to get lost North of The Wall, because the White Walkers led by The Night’s King are coming!
In  “First of His Name” we will see the Dragon Queen Dany considering her options for invading King’s Landing and taking back The Iron Throne.  Does she really think she’s ready for that?
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Is Tommen really going to be crowned king so soon after Joffrey’s death? Can we hope to see a major Margaery versus Cersei manipulation-off? Lysa is right: why does Littlefinger care so much for Sansa?  We’ll soon find out.
Let’s pray for Hodor, the gentle giant is in grave danger.  And David Benioff and D.B. Weiss show no signs they are dedicated to the books, thankfully.  They have turned George R.R. Martin’s story on its head, and I’m loving it!
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: Helen Sloan/HBO
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