‘True Blood’ A Shocking Ending For Sookie Stackhouse, As HBO Prepares For Its Vampire Series’ Series Finale, Highlight Hollywood News

 HBO is keeping its seventh and final season of “True Blood” shrouded in secrecy.  And we are not going to give away any secrets, but can tell you this much.  There are going to be some very happy, and also unhappy Sookie fans when Ms. Stackhouse calls it a final scene in fall.  “True Blood” writers are trying to make sure that the storylines are wrapped up, but they are going to make some very happy, but I suspect a lot of unhappy ones as well.

Ultimately the show will call it an end this year, but not before killing off some of the major characters, as stars have promised and teased.

The final three episodes will be like nothing viewers have seen before.  It’s going to be very exciting, and when the show kicks off in June, we’ll see the aftermath of the  Hep-V Vampires’ attack, but that won’t even come close to the carnage headed in the final three episodes. You’re going to think David Lynch has taken over and the show is “Twin Peaks!”Just saying!
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: HBO
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