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‘Game Of Thrones’ Director Alex Graves Talks ‘The Mountain And The Viper’ Scenes, Plus Wildlings Attack Mole’s Town, Highlight Hollywood News

HBO’s “Game of Thrones” is coming up on a pivotal episode on Sunday night, which is the eighth episode in season 4.  Titled “The Mountain and the Viper,” viewers know that they can expect a hellish fight between the Mountain, Clegane and the Red Viper, Prince Oberyn Martel of Dorne.  But don’t forget, there’s another important scene coming up, directed by Alex Graves on Sunday night. That’s when the Wildling Army attacks Mole’s Town, on their way to The Wall, which airs a week from Sunday.  Speaking with IBT, fans get a sneak peek at what is coming up ahead of Sunday night’s big scenes.

 “I had the Red Viper and I had an important part of the storyline, so I looked into him. And, of course, when you learn the bigger picture about the Red Viper, you learn a lot about things people don’t know about,” Graves said of preparing for shooting this momentous scene coming up Sunday night. “He’s a very intriguing character, and he’s going to have a very large footprint on the show, ultimately, and then Pedro Pascal was cast to play him and Pedro is without equal. Pedro is this very lovely man who is an extraordinary talent who would come in and play with such ease, and nuance, this hedonistic, screwed-up guy that’s very much not like Pedro. Then we would go to spear practice and I’ve never had an actor grab a weapon and get into a stunt fight sequence that quickly with that level of ease, and he was just mind-blowing, and everybody was just crazy about him.”

How on earth did Graves shoot the horrific battle scene? “Two things probably influenced me the most in that fight. Because of who Oberyn, the Red Viper, is, and as portrayed by so perfectly by Pedro, he has a real level of style and finesse that, obviously, nobody on “Game of Thrones” has in wielding weapons. I mean, it’s usually, “Cut, rip, kill,” and you got the Hound, you bump into the Hound at the grocery store and it’s like, “You’re dead.” So, I thought it should have a very elegant, slick style, especially because of the way it ends, it would set up a contrast.”

“The other thing was, it’s a story about Oberyn and talking to David and Dan about it, and the more I learned about Oberyn and what that scene is about. That scene is two people skimming the surface of one of the single most important events in the mythology of the show, and it is the night of the murder of Elia Martell. It was the night the Kingslayer was born, it was the night King’s Landing was sacked by Tywin Lannister, and it was the night several other things happened. It serves several purposes which is: One, it is really bringing to the forefront to the audience these names and this content, and yet you’re really not quite pulling it all in, and you will as the show goes on, but you’ll know about it through this fight scene.
So, what about the upcoming attack just before the Wildlings lay siege to The Wall in just over a week?  “You won’t see Ygritte, she is busy doing other thing, basically, the honeymoon is over, we’re at the first note of the battle, and let’s share a drink and try to stay alive.   One of my favorite scenes, actually, and Sophie [Turner] really came into her own and is so wonderful in it, is the scene with Littlefinger, it’s the “Trial of Littlefinger” as we called it. That scene is brilliant, and she’s incredible, they all are, but that’s the beginning of a big storyline and especially with Sophie pulling off the shell game of the trial,” Alex Graves concluded. 
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Winter is Coming!
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
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