‘Game Of Thrones’ INTERVIEW, Kit Harrington’s Jon Snow Is One-Week Away From The Assault Against The Wall By The Wildlings, Highlight Hollywood News

Kit Harrington is similar to his on-screen character Stark bastard, Lord Jon Snow. He doesn’t say much, but when he speaks, it’s enlightening.  After last season’s big betrayal, Jon Snow and Wildling Ygritte (Rose Leslie) had had a bitter break-up. “She’s (Leslie) a method actress so she hates me at the moment … I’m joking, I’m joking,” Kit Harrington joked recently when talking about his character’s former lover. 
He continued, “Game of Thrones is a pretty brutal world, and love is no different in it.  Jon had to do what he did and I think she felt utterly tricked and duped and that’s why she hunted him down and shot him with arrows.”  

Jon Snow always was a member of the Night’s Watch, even when he was trying to survive and also trying desperately to learn what Mance Rayder’s plan was for his brothers at Castle Black.  We now know that Mance has formed an alliance with 13-tribes in the Wildling territories and plans to attack The Wall and the Night’s Watch.  Desperate to get South of The Wall before the White Walkers kill everyone in their path.
Speaking about how broken Jon must feel this season after betraying not only his oath to the Night’s Watch, but also his lover Ygritte, Harrington added, “Jon is in a very damaged place right now.    It’s not just Ygritte that he is hurting from. He’s lost his love, but also news has reached him that his brother is dead and that the Starks essentially are no more. Basically he’s lost his family, as well as his one love.”

That darn Red Wedding did seem to wipe out most of Jon’s family.  But he still has sister Arya, Sansa, brothers Bran and Rickon, though as far as he knows, they are also dead.  But viewers know that at least all except Rickon have shown up this season in different locales! 

But Jon Snow is finding it hard to get back to his old-self so to speak, especially feeling that he has betrayed his vows as a Watcher on the Wall. “All he has left, really, are those Brothers of the Night’s Watch. That’s what he’s living for and because of that he’s turning into a commander.  It’s very dangerous and he knows that the Wildlings are going to attack the Wall so he’s got a job to do,” said Harrington.  And boy, he has a fight ahead, which airs next Sunday.  We’ll get a sneak peek at Jon Snow and Sam this week, when the Wildlings attack Mole’s Town.  As Jon Snow will say on Sunday night, “We’re next!”

The most exciting and highly anticipated scenes of the season include shocking ones next week as The King Beyond the Wall and his army attacks the 100  Night’s Watchmen, with his army of not only over 100,000 battle-worthy soldiers, but giants, wargs and Thenns.  

Winter is Coming!


Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: Helen Sloan/HBO
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