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‘Narcissist’ A Film By Eric Casaccio, An Outstanding Look At A Potentially Loving Individual, Who Ultimately Chooses His Darkness, Highlight Hollywood News

“Narcissist” is not your typical gay-themed love story.  It’s not filled with endless moments of lust or empty scenes that make you feel as though the filmmaker isn’t quite on point.  Filmmaker Eric Casaccio is most definitely on point. From the opening frame, to the heartbreak and attempt of redemption of the leading man, to ultimately a travel down the road of darkness and self-destruction, you feel as though Casaccio is going to take you to one destination, only to shock you with his ultimate ending, that will leave you wanting more, feeling a true spirit of kinship with the leading men in the film.


But, don’t count out Evan’s beloved grandmother. She doesn’t share a great deal of screen-time, but she in fact is a powerful force throughout the film. I almost felt like I knew her, and then I realized, she must be an important person in Casaccio’s life.  You see, Eric didn’t just direct “Narcissist,” he produced and wrote it as well.  A keen wit he must have, as you feel uplifted at all the right moments, but I love how he doesn’t waste your time.  A famous casting director told me two decades ago, “You do not have the right to waste other people’s time.” And Eric Casaccio most certainly lives by that motto, when it comes to filmmaking.

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There were no bad performances in this film.  But I always took the advice my late client Glenn Ford gave me.  Find the heart and soul of the picture, and live it through that person’s eyes.  Well, he should have warned me of Pacific Ocean-blue eyes. Actor Brionne Davis would make Frank Sinatra envious. He however aptly uses and utilizes his energetic soulful eyes to tell the story, of a narcissistic personality.  Sure, we live it in Hollywood, we all know at least ten or more of them.  But Davis makes you want to slap him one moment, and hug him the next.  He masterfully goes from scene to scene, from leading man to another leading man, showcasing a different side of Rob’s personality. Never cheating the viewer, only enticing you in to his web and spell.  Rob is a narcissist at heart, and ultimately Brionne Davis realizes that he has to convey that in every aspect of his performance.


You find yourself at one point rooting for Rob to prevail, only to wish he’d jump off a bridge.  This handsome leading man is one of Tinseltown’s most versatile actors, and did I mention, his gorgeous blue eyes?  Well, remember the name, Davis is going to be a big star one day, with his face plastered on a billboard on Sunset Blvd.  A-list is written all over him.



Casaccio however knew that we needed a white knight, so to speak in a film that centers on a PTDS patient, that is guided by self-loathing, while looking for his next quick “fix,” or roll in the hay to hide his insecurities.  And the filmmaker again hits his mark.  This time in actor Hunter Lee Hughes as Evan, a young man who like many of us, is looking for love, a spiritual connection, but hopefully we won’t end up with his track record.


Hughes manages to pull off a naïve-like state, while still maintaining Evans’ true dignity and attempt to maintain his self-worth.

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This film “Narcissist” is going to be making the festival circuit, and it’s worthy of the acclaim we are giving it.   When I promised the filmmaker that I’d take the time to review his film, he didn’t ask me to do anything,  look at it.  That was a wise choice, but brave on his part.  Once I saw this film, I realized that bravery, that wisdom is probably simply, confidence.  That if anyone takes the time to see this short film, they are going to be blown away by its depth, it’s innate genius, it’s storytelling style is captured by not only terrific writing and brilliant acting, but it’s edited to perfection.



“Narcissist” is the film your grandmother would tell you to watch before you head out on the highway of love!  And remember Evan, “Keep that candle lit!”



Highlight Hollywood gives “Narcissist” FIVE out of a possible FIVE STARS.  Each star in the film adds so much to it.  Everyone was cast perfectly.   But Brionne Davis has that edginess that Robert Mitchum had, and if he’s too young to know who I’m talking about.  Head to Netflix!


Eric Casaccio is a name that you’ll be hearing a lot from in the future.  His style, his dedication to entertaining and holding the movie goer’s attention is nothing short of phenomenal.  In addition to the talented filmmaker Eric Casaccio, who wrote, produced and directed this fine film.  The cast include: Hunter Lee Hughes as Evan; Brionne Davis as Rob; Jonathan Looper as Jon; Michael Raif as Michael; Christopher Gaida as Dean and scene-stealer Angela McEwan as Evan’s Grandmother. Each performance was unique and brilliant in its own way.  They all stood out, they all played their roles with aplomb and incredible talent.





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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett

Photographs are Courtesy: Narcissist The Movie

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