Tue. Feb 18th, 2020

EXCLUSIVE, Hollywood’s Handsome Leading Man, Douglas Tait Has Monster Role In ABC’s ‘The Quest’ Debuts Tonight, Highlight Hollywood News

Douglas Tait  is one of my favorite actors in Hollywood. He has a wonderful personality, honest, solid actor, leading man handsome looks, but he plays a baddie better than anyone I’ve ever known. From Jason Voorhees to big screen monsters in “Star Trek” films and he is always the favorite at Comic-Con and events around the world that have Sci-Fi fans in attendance. However, tonight on ABC, the network will debut “The Quest,” which is one of the best TV shows of Summer 2014, and you won’t want to miss this one.


Highlight Hollywood caught up with the handsome and talented actor hours before he is to hit the small screen in a fascinating and scary new role.    So, when asked what character he portrays in ABC’s upcoming hit, “The Quest,” the talented thespian said, “I play the Villain Verlox and two other characters

on the show.​”  Really, two characters? One is scary enough for me.  But leave it to this multi-talented superstar to hit the screen running, so to speak.
He was very tight-lipped when it came to any details about the show, Doug always is such a pro in this biz, and all he’d do is remind me to, “watch!” I’ll be watching, as will the entire office in the evening shift at Highlight Hollywood’s Beverly Hills offices.  We are psyched by anything that Douglas Tait is in, but this time around, we’re really looking for his action on screen.  But Doug reminds us, that the entire ensemble in front of, and behind the camera are all pros. “This has been one of the greatest working experiences I’ve ever had in my career.  And I’m really stoked about this series. I think fans will love it,” the handsome actor reminds us.

Pressed for details on working with the cast and crew, that flashy handsome smile beamed through.  “Amazing!  

Mark Ordesky, Jane Fleming, Rob Eric, Elise Doganieri  and the Director/Producer Bertram Van Munster were simply one of the best teams I have EVER worked for. They knew what they wanted, and they were pleasant, and fun to work with at the same time. It is rare to find such a great team of talented people like them,” Tait enthused.
When asked if he ever tires of the tedious hours-long meetings he has seated in makeup chairs on sets all over the world, on a constant basis? Doug really answered quickly. “The process can get tiring especially when you are in the chair for so many hours, and then you have to work a full day in makeup. Although, when the camera is rolling and I am in the moment, in character, all the pain and fatigue goes away and I am immersed in my role. It is such an exhilarating feeling,” he added.
That’s why many of our staffers are so excited about this show.  I had a sneak peek recently courtesy ABC, and they are not kidding when they promote this show as one of the best series in television.  I was simply awestruck by the acting, production and directing.  It’s a high-caliber production, that’s for sure.
Being a huge “Thrones” fans, I told Doug that I consider ABC’s “The Quest” a mixture of “Game of Thrones” meets “Survivor.”  He laughed, but corrected me, “I like that! My description would be a ‘Lord of The Rings’ Fantasy world meets Reality, where ordinary people get to be extraordinary.​”


That tagline should be one ABC uses in the future.  This guy who has done so much work on screen, is more excited about “The Quest” than I’ve seem him in years about any project.



Still making sure not to give out any secrets, when asked by our reporter, if this role is one of his scariest yet?  He replied, “I think the audience will be captivated by Verlox.”  Concluding,  “He is very Mysterious and Regal, yet at the same time very frightening. Mike Elizalde’s Spectral Motion (Hellboy, Hansel & Gretel) designed some breath taking prosthetic and animatronic characters. I know the fans will be amazed by them.”
Stay tuned!  And tune in to “The Quest” which debuts tonight (Thursday, January 31) on ABC. Check your local listings for your airing time.

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: Douglas Tait’s Private Collection
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