‘Game Of Thrones’, Anyone North Of The Wall When Winter Comes, ‘Worse Than Dead’, Highlight Hollywood News

Fans of the hit HBO series “Game of Thrones” are in for a major shocker.  There have been hints here and there for four years that “Winter is Coming!”  It indeed will arrive, and when it does, as Mance Rayder, the King Beyond the Wall warned Jon Snow in the fourth season finale in June, titled “The Children,” “If we are not South of The Wall by the time Winter Comes in earnest, we’ll be worse than dead.”  Fans are probably fed up with the warnings, but Mance is absolutely correct.  Winter is Coming, however, eventually even those South of The Wall will face the wrath of Winter.
Last season we had our latest White Walkers scene, in which we saw a White Walker take Craster’s last baby boy, and offered it as a sacrifice to The Night’s King.  We watched in horror as the 13TH Night’s Watchman, now a White Walker over 8,000-years-old approach the baby, and eventually turn it into a White Walker.  How long has this been happening? We know that this baby was in fact Craster’s 99TH Son, so at least 100 or more White Walkers exist.
We also saw Lord Jon Snow in the Haunted Forest, warn King Stannis Baratheon after his army massacred the Wildings North of The Wall, to “burn all the bodies.  If my father had seen what I have seen, he’d burn them all, all of them.”  Fans of the show know that White Walkers can turn dead men into Wights, and they are essentially killing-machines for White Walkers, taking their orders.  You saw a herd of them attack Bran Stark and his group when they finally made it to meet The Three-Eyed Raven. Those Wights have actually been waiting at the cave’s entrance for centuries.
north_of_the_wall__game_of_thrones__by_yvyb13-d5vaqn2 the-wall-got
Winter is Coming, the last one lasted almost a half-century in Westeros, and when it ended, the horrors were remembered forever.  The Wall is not only 500-miles long, 800-feet tall of ice, but was built by Brandon Stark, the Builder over 8,500-years-ago, because he knew after a horrific war in Westeros against The White Walkers, that they would be back, and unstoppable when they make their attack again.   The mysterious creatures Beyond the Wall are coming, they are coming for everyone.
 whitewalker-3 KingWalker
Winter is Coming!
“Game of Thrones” returns in April 2015.
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
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