Gold Standard: Michelle Stafford, Amy Brenneman, Jordana Brewster, Secrets Can Be Exciting For Viewers, Highlight Hollywood News

Michelle Stafford does it again!  Wow, what a week for the “General Hospital” beauty!  This week’s Leading Ladies Gold Standard goes again to Michelle Stafford, for the role of Nina Clay on ABC’s “General Hospital,” to Amy Brenneman, who portrays long-suffering Laurie Garvey on the HBO series “The Leftovers” and Jordana Brewster, who portrays Elena Ramos on TNT’s “Dallas.”  These three amazing actresses really shined on their shows last week, and this week coming, will be even better.
michelle-staffordRestless,” where the beauty was relegated to poor writing, but never poor acting.  Who knew that Dr. Britt Westbourne had a relative in Nina?  To quote our greatest fan Pat in New York, “That’s a lot of dysfunction in a small family!!”Michelle seems both comfortable and natural in this role, and it proves what a talented actress she really is!
What do the “GH” writers and producers have in store for Nina this week? Time will tell, but you can most assuredly know that with Michelle Stafford in the role, it’s going to be dynamite!
“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC. 
 Patti Levin confronts Laurie and demands that she break Meg or cut her loosewhat we believe is “the rapture.”  Brennaman’s brilliant scene was played with aplomb. As Laurie was smiling and relaxing on the gurney, watching her little baby move, via the ultrasound screen.  Only to watched it disappear before her very eyes. Eureka! We now know why she’s been so distraught during the season, and we  also learned of her very “complicated” relationship with her spouse, Kevin. 
I’m excited about next week’s season finale of “The Leftovers,” now that we know what is the genesis of Laurie’s pain. Will we get even more answers next week? Or more questions?  “The Leftovers” airs Sunday nights on HBO.
And Jordana Brewster has waited for her “close-up!” Did she knock the ball out of the park last Monday on TNT’s “Dallas” or what?  Elena still furious with Nicholas over his leaking John Ross and Emma’s sex tape to Pamela, which caused her to attempt suicide, was horrified even more when the telephone call came, “Your brother Drew is dead!” Brewster’s emotional meltdown as Elena was forceful, heartbreaking and great to watch.  This former “As The World Turns” child star turned beauty and talented actress gave everyone a shock with her Emmy-worthy performance.
Elena’s grief soon turned to rage, while she doubted her brother’s death was truly suicide, she confided in her mother that J.R. stole her father’s oil claim, which caused his untimely death.  Soon Elena was gunning for the letter that J.R. wrote to Bobby and John Ross and Christopher.  She found her moment when she saw John Ross drinking because he realized he finally has lost Pamela. Soon Elena seduced John Ross, then while he was sleeping, she stole the letter out of his wallet, and now the real vengeance begins.
Jordana was superb as the devious scheming bitch, who is heartbroken, but far from broken, and ready to rumble head on with the Ewings.”Dallas” airs Monday nights at 9 p.m. only on TNT.
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: TNT; HBO; JPI
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